LashPRO Journal Guest Blog: Fashion for Lash Artists

Sugarlash PRO Educator Mandy Beach

There are not a lot of things you can do in 7 seconds. However, 7 seconds is all it takes for a person to determine their first impression of you. Should they trust you with their lashes? Are you professional? Are you worthy of their business? 

Lash artist hold lashes

There are a couple ways to ensure you make a great first impression. Make sure your working environment is clean and welcoming, greeting your client with enthusiasm and positivity, and ensuring your appearance is clean and professional - this includes what you are wearing. 

It isn’t a new idea, that your wardrobe says a lot about you. You can convey your personality, culture, socioeconomic status, and more with a simple outfit. It will not come as a surprise that what you wear not only affects others opinions about you, but also can affect your own mood and perception of yourself. 

Look good, feel good 
Feel good, feel confident 
Feel confident...create some bad ass lashes


So how do you create a professional, chic and affordable wardrobe that is comfortable for lashing but also lets your clients know you mean business? I got three little words for you. 

Back. To. Basics. 

If you are thinking but wait, I am no basic bi…let me stop you there. A basic wardrobe does not make YOU basic. It makes your wardrobe versatile for any situation. Think of your wardrobe as the canvas and everything else as the paint. You want to start with a nice clean canvas. I recommend filling your work wardrobe with neutral colours and shades with a focus on black. Black is easier to keep clean, it is professional and easy to style.

When building your work wardrobe, you do not need a ridiculous amount of clothing. In fact, you may have a couple of great staples already in your closet. A good work wardrobe can consist of 3-4 tops/blouses, 2-3 pants (avoid obvious leggings and ripped jeans) and a couple statement pieces like a vest or jumpsuit. You want timeless pieces that are high quality and interchangeable. The clothing your wearing is an investment in your business and in yourself. 

When investing you want the best. It will be tempting to hit up those fast fashion chains. Yes, I am talking about H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters. While sometimes you can get great scores, the clothing is not always high quality and can look “worn” quickly. If possible, try supporting your local boutiques and clothing shops. Some of my favourites are Frank and Oak, Boutique 1861 and Franc but in the end choose clothing that is within your budget and makes you feel good. 

Lash artist training

So now that you have your canvas, it is time to paint. I love colour but I also know that my neon fluorescent pink sundress does not scream I am a professional, trust me with your lashes. With that in mind  I choose to show my individuality and personality through my accessories. I love a chunky jeweled necklace or a pair of fun stilettos - thankfully we sit most of the time - to spice up my work wear and show my clients my personality. Not only do I feel like a boss in my stilettos, but they are a great conversation starter!

There is only one outfit that money cannot buy and that is CONFIDENCE. At the end of the day your work wardrobe should make you feel like the amazing, talented, and sexy individual that you are.

Share a picture of yourself in your work wardrobe and tag @sugarlashpro so we can see all your amazing looks!


Mandy Beach 

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