Proper Cleansing

Proper Cleansing

How many times a week do you say, “Make sure to cleanse your lashes!” as you finish the service, take payment, and usher your client out the door. Probably more than you can count, right?

Now how many times a week do you educate your clients on the when, what, how, and why’s of proper cleansing? I am guessing that number is a lot less, but it’s also a lot more important. Informing your client about their aftercare is non-negotiable and educating them should be too.

Clients are more likely to follow their aftercare if they understand why it’s important, have the tools to cleanse their lashes, and know when and how to cleanse.

It’s important to properly explain the steps to each and every client. As an artist we know this information like DNA, but our clients don’t.

No one likes to talk about Demodex (Lash) Mites, Blepharitis (Pink Eye), or the side effects of premature lash shedding, but these are real scenarios if your client does not properly cleanse their lashes. 

We want yours (and our) clients to have clean lashes with great retention. So let’s do a quick review on what we should be sharing with clients about proper cleansing.


Twice a day ( Morning and Night)


Sugarlash Pro LashPure Cleanser and one of SLP’s cleansing brushes (107C brush is our recommendation).


Pump 1 pump of  LashPure Cleanser on the back of your hand or a reusable cotton round and use your cleansing brush to scoop the foam and apply to the lashes, upper eyelid and lower eyelid.

Gently brush the shampoo in a downward motion to keep the lashes from getting twisted/crossed (think brush strokes) for 20-30 seconds per an eye or until the area is sufficiently cleansed. 

Rinse with water and ensure no shampoo or residue is left on the eye or lashes (this is important).

Gently pat dry and brush! Repeat for heavy makeup users.


Because you should get the most out of your lashes! Improperly cleansing of your lashes will lead to a buildup of dead skin cells, natural oils, lash mite feces, products and more. This build up creates a perfect environment for infections (think pink eye), you will likely also experience poor retention, skin sensitivities, and premature lash shedding (which can contribute to permanent lash loss).

We know you’re busy being lash goddesses, and sometimes verbally communicating this information is not enough. We’ve created this “How to Properly Cleanse” postcard for you and your clients. This is a great addition to any aftercare kit, and will help ensure your client is properly educated and ready to take care of their lashes and live their best lash life!

Happy Lashing,


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