How Custom Lash Beds Can Level Up Your Business

How Custom Lash Beds Can Level Up Your Business

Looking to make your work more comfortable and your client experience more luxe? It’s all in custom lash beds.

Having a lash business is the best of both worlds, isn’t it? You’re able to help people feel beautiful, you’re able to play around in your own field of art, and you’re able to build a living doing something you love. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a great lash artist — and your clients know it, too.

However, being a lash artist can be an uncomfortable job — and, in some cases, being a lash client sometimes can, too. From standing all day to leaning over to un-ergonomic head positions, the lash business can have you calling your chiropractor sooner than you can say “full set.”

We get it — which is why we’re such a huge fan of using custom lash beds in our businesses to level up the customer’s comfort AND our own. See, we think that lash artists should be just as comfortable as their clients. In fact, a comfortable lash artist is better at their profession, happier day-to-day and more in love with what they do. Plus, a custom lash bed adds a level of luxury and comfort to a client experience unlike anything else can.

Custom Lash Bed

What are custom lash beds?

Custom lash beds are an ergonomic, comfortable and luxurious place for lash clients to lay while their lash artists get to work on their incredible sets. The cozy, body-forming, pressure-relieving beds offer an impeccable and aligned experience for the lash clients themselves, but also gives the lash artist greater room, more leg mobility and a greater workspace.

By adding a custom lash bed to the client area of your lash business, you’ll be providing an elevated experience that most lash artists can’t compete with — and you’ll be improving your own experience as well.

Plush + Oak Custom Lash Beds

Our partner Plush + Oak focuses on cozy contour and ergonomic form (alongside beautiful design) to create custom lash beds that deserve a spot in every luxury lash salon around.Founded by Sugarlash PRO Founder/CEO and her partner Jordan Driessen to better meet lash artists need and revolutionize the salon experience. Designed by a lash artist for lash artists, the Plush + Oak beds — the Edda and the Mina — are a great example of custom lash beds meeting next-level luxuriousness.

The Edda: Designed with the 1960’s in mind, the Edda uses contours with a cozy wave feel to create a custom lash bed that supports each client’s unique body type and takes the pressure off the lower back. The luxurious bed is plush and soft, a far cry from the usual lash bed — and the unique construction gives service providers themselves extra legroom and a large work area.

The MinaDesigned with the 1930’s in mind, the Mina combines simplicity with science to create a continuous curved line that clings to body contours and cradles in comfort. In addition, the signature Plush + Oak frame it includes will be a solid, well-built base for your salon for years.

We know that providing a truly wonderful customer experience in your lash business involves a lot more than a custom lash bed, but we also know that custom lash beds are a great step in the right direction. Check out more here.

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