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In case you missed it, we have been busy working hard behind the scenes and have released four new high-performance solutions for all of your lashing needs. These problem-solving solutions are meant to accelerate your services, ensure you create beautiful sets each time, and leave your clients wanting more! 


The Sugarlash PRO Finishing Spray refreshes your client’s skin and lashes with just a spritz. This solution helps cure eyelash adhesive bonds and eliminate lash adhesive fumes. With a subtle fragrance of rose water, it is the perfect way to finish every appointment. A few key features of Finishing Spray include the following: 

  • Refreshes and soothes the skin 
  • Contains colloidal silver which works to fight bacteria and inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and diminish breakouts
  • Contains rose water which can soothe the skin, reduce redness, and act as an anti-aging solution

Once you have completed your eyelash extension application, hold Finishing Spray 8 to 10 inches away from your client’s eyes and mist 1-2 pumps onto the eye area. Pay attention to make sure you do not oversaturate and do not rinse after application. 


★★★★★ - Love - The Finishing Spray is fantastic and I would recommend to use this on all clients, not just lash clients. I love the refreshing smell also! (Lori B.) 


Matte Prep+ prepares your client’s natural lashes for eyelash extension application, by removing excess oils and residue on the eyelashes. This Sugarlash PRO solution helps to effectively bond lash extensions to the natural lash, creating clean sets every time. Some key features of this solution include:

  • The PH level of Matte Prep+ ensures that it is eye-friendly
  • Contains witch hazel, which has anti-inflammatory properties, removes excess oils, prevents hair loss, and protects the root of the eyelashes 

After cleansing your client’s natural lashes, wet a lint-free flocked applicator with Matte Prep+. Take another dry lint-free flocked applicator and rub the two together on the natural lashes. This will prevent over-saturation of the solution which can cause poor retention or allow excess solution to run into the eye. Gently brush over the solution over your client's natural eyelashes with the two applicators, do not rinse after application. 


Once it has been brushed onto a lash strip, Control stops eyelash adhesive from wicking. This solution prevents fans from closing during the application process, and speeds up the lash adhesive setting time. To apply Control, use a micro-swab or flocked applicator, and run the solution along the base of a lash strip. 

If you haven’t already, try out our new solutions and let us know what you think! We are sure that these new formulas will become the problem-solvers that you have been searching for. 


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