Introducing Our New Educators

We would like to welcome four new Sugarlash PRO™ Educators to our team! They have joined our growing team of SLP Educators, each bringing with them a diverse set of skills, expertise, and knowledge that we are excited to share. Stay tuned for guest blogs, webinars, social media takeovers, and more from these incredible lash artists!  

Mandy Beach 

Mandy’s experience with Sugarlash PRO™ began in 2018, as she was building her own lash business. She is extremely passionate about supporting, educating, networking, and training fellow lash artists, through her role as an Educator hwith SLP. As a lash artist and salon owner, Mandy is working to help clients discover a new-found confidence and highlight their natural beauty. She takes pride in setting herself apart with world-class customer service and experience - whether that be through her salon ambiance or the after-care and education she offers to clients. Her specialty as a lash artist is in Lash Lift services, where she ensures that all the little details are thought of, to create the perfect lift every time.   

Sugarlash PRO Educator Mandy Beach  

1. What is the one Sugarlash PRO™ product you cannot lash without? 

What! I can’t just choose one. I’m going to have to choose two. The Ergonomic Lash Pillow is a must. A pillow so nice I purchased it twice. My clients constantly comment on its comfort and it makes lashing a breeze. My other pick is the Sugarlash PRO™ Finishing Spray. I use this spray daily... ON MYSELF. I use it to set makeup, after my skin care routine and throughout the day to fresh my face. The rose water not only smells AMAZING, but your skin is gonna love it too. Rose water helps even out your skin’s tone and texture. This is the perfect way to end your clients lash appointment, to help cure the adhesive, and leave a lasting impression on your client. 

2. What is your favourite Sugarlash PRO™ course? 

Accelerator is hands down the most useful and informative course out there for artists who are looking to grow their business presence on social media and in their local market. Obviously, Sugarlash PRO™ is known for their amazing education and Accelerator does not disappoint. This course covers so many important topics such as branding, marketing, and social media that are not discussed when you take a lash course. 

3. If you weren't a lash artist, what do you think you would be doing? 

I would be taking courses to become a lash artist. Helping others feel beautiful and confident through lashing drives my soul. If lashing didn’t exist maybe I’d be a motivational speaker or interior designer. 

4. What is your lashing specialty? 

Lash Lifts! I love being able to show my clients their true lash potential. When I hear a client talk about how they hate their lashes, that they are too straight, too small or that they don’t have “lashes” - I make it my mission to show them just how beautiful their natural lashes are. When I am done providing the service, their reactions & how beautiful they feel is an experience that will never grow old for me.

Ramona Bican 

After dedicating close to 3 years to Sugarlash PRO™, Ramona has taken the next step in her lash career and become a Sugarlash PRO™ Educator! Her passion for the lash industry and desire to continue developing her skills make her a welcome addition to the SLP Team. Ramona began her career as a self-taught lash artist, and since then has developed her education to include both Classic and Volume Certifications. She has made it a goal to create unique lash looks for each client she works with. Ramona uses her knowledge, expertise, and passion to create, as a way to connect with her clients and the lash community as a whole. Ramona’s specialty includes applying volume sets, and she describes herself as having a knack for creating ‘spiky’ sets for clients. She is passionate about using her role as an SLP Educator to teach others about the brand, and support fellow lash artists through mentorship and education. 

Sugarlash PRO Educator Ramona Bican

1. What is the one Sugarlash PRO™ product you cannot live without? 

This is a tough one, but I cannot live without the SLP Adhesives. I haven't come across an adhesive that works as well as the Sugarlash PRO™ Signature Bond and Naked Bond. The fast drying time, magnetic-like bond, and retention time are incredible. It works so perfectly for my environment and clients compliment how long their lashes last. 

2. What is your favourite Sugarlash PRO™ course?

My favourite course would be the LashSTYLE Online Course. This course takes lash styling and mapping to another level, and it all makes sense! The course step-by-step describes where lashes should be placed, the lengths and diameters to achieve a certain look, and describes the types of eye shapes that would suit that look. It just really steps up your lash game to a more advanced style. 

3. If you weren’t a lash artist, what do you think you would be doing? 

If I wasn't a lash artist I can't think of what I'd be doing. I honestly can't imagine my life or career not in the beauty industry.  

4. What is your lashing specialty?

When I'm lashing,  I am in the zone and I love every part of it. My absolute favourite part would be when all the extensions are on the lashes and I am brushing through the lashes and that feeling of brushing through a full set is so satisfying. All I think of while I brush through is ‘life is complete’. It is so true because when you have lashes you feel like you can conquer the world, and that feeling is everything.  


Imogen Lawer

Imogen has done it all with Sugarlash PRO™! Her passion for the brand began as a brand ambassador and has only continued to grow with time. Imogen has completed four different Sugarlash PRO™ courses - LashSTYLE, LashPRO Accelerator™, Volume training, and Lash Lift 360° training. Imogen’s care and passion for doing things the ‘right way’, means that no matter whether she is with a lash client or working on an aspect of her business, she is taking time to carefully execute and ensure success. Imogen is passionate about sharing her love of  Sugarlash PRO™ curriculum and products with students as an educator, while upholding the values that make SLP a leader in the lash industry. We are excited to have Imogen’s passion, positive energy, and drive to continue learning, as part of the Sugarlash PRO™ Educator team! 

Sugarlash PRO Educator Imogen Lawyer

1. What is the one Sugarlash PRO™ product you cannot live without? 

My lash pillow! The Ergonomic Lash Pillow creates a more comfortable workspace for me and a MUCH more comfortable experience for my clients. 

2. What is your favourite Sugarlash PRO™ course?

Accelerator. Hands down. This course is unique to the lash industry and really give lash artists who take it an edge when it comes to the business side of things. I can literally go on for hours as to why this course is a must-take for anyone in the industry!

3. If you weren’t a lash artist, what do you think you would be doing? 

Real estate or admin! I have a thing for organizing and I actually have my administrative diploma. I still to this day want to get my real estate licence so I can buy and sell my own homes!

4. What is your lashing specialty?

Volume full sets!!! Being able to go from 0-100 and seeing the difference those fluffy babes can make is the best feeling. I love creating custom sets for each client’s unique shaping and full sets allow me to start from scratch!


Liv Cote

Liv is loyal to the Sugarlash PRO™ brand, having trained and launched her career as a lash artist using Sugarlash PRO™ products.  Now, she joins us as an SLP Educator extraordinaire. Liv brings with her an affinity for learning, with a desire that is well-aligned with our mission "to disrupt the industry through continuous technique and product advancements, supported by unparalleled education..."  In Liv's own words, she wants to "educate people and leave them feeling confident and inspired to work more and more on their own skill, rather than being afraid of what they haven't yet achieved." Liv is most confident in her artistry in applying volume, mixed and classic sets and prides herself on being precise by taking the time to ensure perfect lash placement, direction, shape and symmetry.  Last but certainly not least, Liv is passionate about using her skills and talent to bring out peoples' confidence through the beauty they feel with fabu-lashes!

Sugarlash PRO Educator Liv Cote

1. What is the one Sugarlash PRO™ product you cannot live without? 

I couldn't live without the Naked Bond lash adhesive. It is such an amazing adhesive in every single way. Amazing retention, the best possible consistency, and it works perfectly in my lash studio no matter the time of year or humidity. 

2. What is your favourite Sugarlash PRO™ course?

I love the LashSTYLE Online Course because it is such a comprehensive program. It talks about every little key detail you need to know in order to create amazing and unique styles on every type of face shape and eye shape. Although I love every single course that Sugarlash PRO™ provides, the LashSTYLE Online Course stood out to me and made me 100x more confident in my lash capability. 

3. If you weren’t a lash artist, what do you think you would be doing? 

If I wasn't a lash artist I think I would be studying psychology, I was always so interested in how the human mind worked and I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn how I could use it to help people. 

4. What is your lashing specialty? 

I think my personal lash specialty is creating that perfect line effect, lots of my clients over time have requested the eyeliner and cat eye effect. I would say I have mastered this effect by always perfecting my placement and direction. 



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