Top Lash Looks — Met Gala 2018

Top Lash Looks — Met Gala 2018



Winnie Harlow —

Our personal favourite of the evening. Angelic in a Tommy Hilfiger strapless corset floor length gown, Winnie’s show-stopping look popped with smokey eyes, big bold lashes and lips kissed with pink gloss.


Jennifer Lopez —

J.Lo’s signature dewy bronzed look is subtle and sultry. Her smokey eye and sky high spiky lashes complimenting her mosaic glass and feather tipped Balmain gown.


Kim Kardashian —

The lash goddess owned the red carpet in her gold chainmail gown by Gianni Versace. Another flawless look for Kim, with a heavily lined cat-eye, nude pout, bronzed cheeks and highlighted brows.


Kerry Washington —

Gold plated in a sequined long sleeved Ralph Lauren gown, Kerry’s bountiful curls were topped with gold leaf. Luminous swirls of bronzer showcased her ULTRA thick lashes.


Kendall Jenner —

Boldly subtle in an off-white couture jumpsuit with sheer elbow length gloves. Kendall, was a natural beauty with minimal makeup and natural looking feathery lashes.


Blake Lively —

From high end to low end. Bejeweled in rich cabernet tones, Blake adorned a star pointed crown in her custom Versace gown, while her rose toned blush and lips were all drugstore brands.


Zendaya —

Joan of Arc meets the Met. In her heavy armour silver beaded gown, Zendaya’s short edgy bangs focus and frame her strong brow, and is complemented with wispy lashes and a pinch of pink on her cheeks.


Ariana Grande —

Inspired by the Sistine Chapel, Vera Wang painted this gown on Ariana. Her wing tipped eyeliner reached for her bold brow, and her fluttery eyelashes aimed for the sky. A modern twist on a classic makeup trend.


Amanda Seyfried —

Kissed by an angel, this goddess was draped in flowing Prada Couture. Amanda’s eyes glittered in gold with long full lashes, and her dewy skin touched in pink.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley —

Looking ethereal in her shimmering metallic Ralph Lauren gown adorned with a golden halo, her nude eyes accentuated with full lashes and a perfectly muted rose pout.

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