The BEST Lash Trays According to Lash Artists

The BEST Lash Trays According to Lash Artists
Our Commitment
Founded by a lash artist, for lash artists, Sugarlash PRO has always been dedicated to providing the best products for our clients. Our sleek packaging isn’t the only great thing about us. Each product has been thoroughly tested and trialed by lash artists everywhere before going into production. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the lash industry and constantly pushing boundaries to bring our clients the best of the best that lashes have to offer. Our client’s success has always been our success!


Our Lashes

Luckily lashes are pretty straight forward with their names. Mixed lengths are exactly that: a mixed tray of lashes in a variety of lengths all in one! 

Here’s why Sugarlash PRO Multi-length lash trays are some of the best out there: with 25% more lashes than your typical lash tray and anti-rip foil backed cards, your lash appointments have never been easier! But why choose a mixed tray over a single length? We’ll give you all the insider details on how to make more bang for your buck!

Our new and improved Mixed trays consist of 20 rows of over 5000 lashes! That means you could do up to potentially 20 fresh lash sets off one tray! The trend for lashes is a wispier softer lash style, so why not make your life easier by having all your lashes in one spot? Our mixed lengths are listed from XS-FULL with lengths varying from 5mm to 16mm depending on your lash needs. Our Multilength trays allow you to stock a wider variety of diameters, curls, and lengths without having as big of an upfront cost that purchasing all single length trays would amount to. We’re not good at math, but we do know this:


More variety + less waste + less overall cost = increased creative freedom, happy clients, and a happy bank account


SUGARLASH PRO TIP: We recommend using our FULL trays for the most variety in lengths and optimal lash goals!

Not only that, but our innovative flexible fibres make fanning on the tape quicker and easier -- which cuts down your overall appointment time! You can use this extra time to either sneak in another client or have a little extra break in between sets! 


Let’s talk single lengths! Like the name suggests, it’s one length of lash in one tray. These can be useful if you have an influx of clients or if you’re a full time artist going through many trays. The benefits of single length trays are the ability to stock up on your most used lengths and have plenty of that length in one place. Of course, we know most lash sets now will vary with lengths so you can either use a mixed tray if you find you don’t need 20 rows of one lash type, or have a single length tray of that variant handy as well.


Our single length lashes range from 7mm to 13mm in our most popular curls, C, CC and D curl. It’s always good to have a mix of both tray types for variety. Every client is different and no eye is the same so make sure you’re prepared with the best lash trays on the market! Your clients deserve the best and so do you. 


We’re not basic and neither are our clients. That’s why we chose to rename our lashes RUNWAY and PLUSH.


Our Brand

We’re not just a business, we are a brand! What separates us from the rest is our dedication to our clients and commitment to excellence and innovation. We’re trusted globally to provide you with the best products out there! What separates a business from a brand is aesthetic. Aesthetic isn’t just pretty packaging (although we do excel in that department), but the feeling you get when you see or touch something. It’s the butterflies in your stomach, the sparkly feeling you get when you see a really cute puppy, or that feeling of pride when you look at how much you’ve grown in this industry. At Sugarlash, we hope to invoke that feeling every time you do your client’s lashes. That’s why Sugarlash PRO is the brand for ELITE lash artists worldwide!

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