The Ultimate Guide to Using Brown Eyelash Extensions

Close up of an eye looking upward with brown lash extensions

The Ultimate Guide to Using Brown Eyelash Extensions

For years women have wanted the most dark, black mascara and lash extensions... but there's a problem with going ultra black — no makeup days can leave clients feeling washed out or overpowered by their dramatic lash extensions! Have you ever seen a woman who is out for an errand rocking dark black mega volume lashes? One word — harsh! When we take lashes ultra full, it serves us well to scale back the harshness of the deep black look and opt for a more friendly version — luxurious, soft brown lashes! Brunette lashes were created to transition seamlessly from daytime to night. Regardless of whether a client is wearing no makeup, or full glam — brunette lashes look perfect with ALL looks! Giving the client flexibility to feel confident in whatever look she chooses — from classic, to mega volume. Welcome to the core lash range — Brunette Lashes by Sugarlash PRO!

Colour Theory of Brown Lashes with Different Eye Shades

2x2 close up of blue, hazel, green, and brown eyes.

BLUE Eyes + BROWN Lash: Framing blue eyes with brown lash extensions compared to black, will make blue eyes appear brighter and lighter. Hello, crystal eyes!

HAZEL Eyes + BROWN Lash: When framing hazel eyes with brown eyelash extensions, it will make eyes appear warmer and more golden.

GREEN Eyes + BROWN Lash: Similar to hazel, green eyes will appear more golden when framed by brown eyelash extensions.

BROWN Eyes + BROWN Lash: When brown eyes are framed with black eyelash extensions, the eyes will appear darker and more black. By framing a brown eye with brown eyelash extensions, the eye will appear lighter.

Hair Colours That Suit Brown Eyelash Extensions


Blondes oftentimes feel washed out by black mascara unless they are wearing full makeup and have darkened the lid behind the lash line along with eyeliner. This is because black is the most intense contrast to their natural hair colour. By swapping extensions to brown, the contrast is lessened, and while still adding beautiful definition — it's not overpowering.

Red Heads

Red heads are adorned with warm tones that usually run through their hair colour and skin tone. When black lashes are used, it detracts from the beautiful warmth that radiates from red heads. Instead, brown lash extensions enhance the aura.


Using brown lashes on brunettes is the net big thing. When deciding between black and brown lashes on brunettes there are two things to consider: How much does your client wear makeup? How dark of a shade of brown hair do they have? For dark brunettes — black will still be the best choice (opt for our Runway (silk) lash extensions, or Plush (Faux Mink) lash extensions instead. However, medium and light brown brunettes will enjoy the look of brown eyelash extensions — and if you're not quite committed to a full set of brown, you can do a blend of black and brown extensions within the set (hello, lash highlights!).

Here is your ultimate guide to using brown lashes within your lash set!

Full Set or Partial Brown?

Brown Eyelash extensions can be used in your entire full set, or blended with black eyelash extensions in order to add dimension and softness. If you're hesitant about taking the full plunge, try mixing 50/50 with black extensions in order to ease into the new look. But our advice? Jump all the way in, to get the full Brunette Effect!

Which Adhesive Colour To Use With Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Brown eyelash extensions can be applied with a clear adhesive (Naked Bond), or a black adhesive (Signature Bond, Bond Noir). When using a clear adhesive, the base of the lash line will remain light, and the final look will be more airy — this is ideal for very fair and light haired clientele or those who don't wear makeup or eyeliner regularly.

When black adhesive is used with brown lashes, a soft luxurious brown body of the lashes is achieved paired with a deep rich base. This ombre effect is the best of both worlds.

Are You Ready To Add Brunette Lashes To Your backbar?

Sugarlash PRO Brunette Lashes

Are you an artist looking to bring brown eyelash extensions into your backbar range? Shop Sugarlash PRO's Brunette Lashes HERE.

Our Brunette Lash Extensions are specifically designed to match the darker tones of brown hair, providing a natural and seamless look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or something more dramatic, our Brunette Lash Extensions are sure to give you the lashes of your dreams! Warm espresso tones are here to stay and provide the ultimate look whether you're lounging poolside sans-makeup this summer, or going to a black tie wedding.

Hello, Brunette!

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