High Profile | @yuellashbeauty

High Profile | @yuellashbeauty



From San Francisco, CA, Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador, Yuel Lash Beauty — pronounced Jew-Elle —  grabbed our attention for the month of May. A certified lash artist obsessed with beauty, Yuel delivers stunning results! One look and you can see why!

You’ve been doing lashes for four years and a Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador for just over a year. What is your favourite, must-have SLP Product?

Onyx adhesive. I know it works. I know when I have to shake the bottle and what temperature and humidity is right. I’ve been offered to try competitor products, but what’s that saying in english — “Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.”



Which do you love more - Classic or Volume?

I did 2 years of only Classics, so I practiced my direction and isolation like crazy and I loved it! Now my true love is Volume. I like being challenged and if I can use a word to describe Volume technique, that would be it —  CHALLENGING. However it’s so gratifying to see yourself growing as an artist after all the hours practicing — now 95% of my appointments are Volume.

What is your dream lash client, and the one you try to attract to your salon?

Modern and confident women who care and love themselves, and definitely appreciative of my art.



What is your lash business known for?

My studio is known for its ambiance and for my unique lash styling. I don’t copycat. I style a beautiful set of lashes for each one my clients according to their natural lashes and facial features. Their lashes are limited edition just like them.


How does Sugarlash PRO support your business goals?

Two things. First —  education. I know Courtney puts her heart and mastermind into everything she does. I took LashPRO Accelerator™  last year, and the modules were so informative. There’s so much to take care of as a business owner, and this course helped me get organized.

And second - high quality products. I’ve been using SLP products for almost 3 years now. As the industry grows, new products are being introduced all the time —  and Sugarlash is excellent at leading with trends. Plus, no one can beat the packaging — it’s so chic!



What are your hopes for the lash industry?

My dream is for people who do lashes, to truly believe they are creating art.  Lashes aren’t easy to do, and I love when a client values your craft. The idea of going to one place to have all your beauty services done, seems obsolete to me. No one  is perfect at everything, and lashes are a specialized luxury craft.

Where do you find inspiration for your lash artistry?

It has nothing to do with lashes!  I love interior design, so I look through magazines and look for ideas online. It always leaves me feeling inspired. I want my lashes to look like those clean, well balanced and gorgeous spaces that everyone dreams of living in. But, obviously, I also have my lash crushes like @adornlashartistry and @macklash_ebl.


What matters most to you in life and how do you make time for it?

Family. It’s one of the reasons I moved here from Mexico. I wanted to be near my sister. Then I began missing family back home, and I was going to move back —  but met my husband and stayed in San Francisco.

Time with my husband is important. He and I both have small businesses,  so we’re very busy. We have established every other Sunday for ourselves. We go on a small trip to places like Napa, or we stay home in bed watching t.v. without our phones.



What surprises people the most about you?

When I tell people that I dropped out of third year law school to do lashes, they think I’m crazy. But, I LOVE doing lashes!  

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