The Sweet Spot: All About Metals

The Sweet Spot: All About Metals

Steel You Away!

Your tweezers are as vital to your arsenal as your lashes and adhesives are, so it stands to reason that you’d want to use nothing but the best tools available to you. Sugarlash PRO tweezers are handcrafted Japanese steel and hand tested by our team to guarantee you the best product we can. Not only that, but they look damn good. Here is your comprehensive guide to all things metal!

It’s all about that sweet spot when it comes to tweezers

Privé Studio’s TOP 3 Must Have Tools!

Tamra Hami, aka @privestudio.airdrie, has been with Sugarlash PRO for only the last 2 years! She began as a brand ambassador, and her skill and dedication to artistry skyrocketed her to becoming our Jane-of-all-trades CPO.

Fly like a V-65

“The V-65 is a longer boot tweezer which allows for larger fans to be picked up with ease. The sharp tip makes creating fans off of the strip easier than pie. (Tamra...pie isn’t that easy to make, but we understand what you mean!) V-65 is lightweight and has perfect tension.”

For the Love of I-45

“The angled tip on the I-45 makes isolating that much easier and takes the strain off my wrist. It's sharp, efficient, and easy to use. The thinner handle keeps the weight even, and the length is great because it’s a touch longer than most standard tweezers allowing me to get into the hard to reach areas.”

U-Curve, We Curve

“This is my favorite for universal application. The U-Curve can be used for volume fan creation and application, classic application, or even isolation if I really wanted. It's the perfect curve - not too curvy and not too flat - I don't have to bend or twist my arm when proceeding with application.”

Don’t be a Tweeze!

Ok, that one was an exceptionally terrible pun, however, despite our bad jokes, our tweezers are exceptional! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced lash artist, these three tweezers are a must-have in any lash artist’s collection! Want more? We don’t blame you! Be sure to look at our entire metals collection to find your perfect sweet spot! Happy Tweezing, sugar!

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