5 Tips on How To Take Off Lash Extensions at Home

5 Tips on How To Take Off Lash Extensions at Home

It’s safe to say that false lashes are staples in the beauty industry. False eyelashes date back to ancient Roman times, but it was not until Anna Taylor patented false eyelashes in 1911 that they became more and more prevalent in the industry. Chances are that they probably did not use the best materials for said lashes. Not only that, but they definitely did not know how to properly remove them.  

Some forms of lash enhancements like lash lifts don’t need to be removed, since the curled hair will shed out on its own. Others, like strip lashes, need to be removed every night to avoid clogging pores. Lash extensions fall somewhere in the middle. Extensions don’t require nightly removal like strip lashes, but there are cases in which people will want their lash extensions removed before they’re naturally shed out.

Because they’re applied to the hair only, many people will wear their lash extensions for years on end. These extensions will shed out of the hair over time as their natural lashes grow out, and the extension can be replaced with the new hair that has grown in. Although a break from extensions isn’t necessary, sometimes women do decide that they want their extensions removed.

As professionals, we know that the best course of action is to remove lash extensions for our clients. As a client, it’s good to know how to gently remove them at home when you’re in a pinch.

Removing Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are typically meant for single-use daily wear, and they’re attached using a rubberized skin adhesive. You can easily remove strip lashes using any type of oil-based makeup remover, or any oil alone such as coconut oil or olive oil. As with any eye makeup removal, be gentle. Don’t rub too hard or pull on your lashes to avoid accidentally plucking out your natural lash.

Why Is It Important To Remove Strip Lashes?

If you leave strip lashes on for too long, it can cause your hair follicles to become clogged, as strip lash glue can make it difficult for your follicles to breathe. 

You also run the risk of bacteria build-up under the glue if you attempt to wear single-use lashes for multiple days on end, which could make you more susceptible to eye irritation or infection. The safest bet is to remove them before it is too late.

When lashes are left on too long, they can cause the eye to react poorly. Putting any kind of foreign material near the eye can cause issues for anyone, but especially those who have allergies. 

If you choose to wear strip lashes, remember to remove your strip lashes at the end of every night.

Removing Lash Extensions

Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions can be worn indefinitely with little to no damage. They’re attached directly to the hair, so they don’t clog your follicles in the same way that strip lashes can. 

However, lash extensions can damage your natural lashes if they’re applied improperly— meaning the eyelash technician applied too heavy of an extension for your natural lash, or did not isolate the natural lashes and adhered multiple natural lashes together. Every natural eyelash has oil ducts that keep your eyes moist and clean. When applying fake lashes, these ducts can sometimes over or underreact.

Although they don’t need to be removed at the end of every night, you still need to take care of your lash extensions to properly protect against lash damage or infection. Lash extensions need to be washed daily, and improper washing could lead to bacterial growth. 

When it’s time to remove your lash extensions, it’s important to seek out a professional. Professional lash adhesive is built to last for over six weeks using an extremely strong hold. 

Professionals have access to a special remover that can break down those bonds in under five minutes. However, if you’re really in a pinch, you can try to use olive oil to break down your extension bonds at home. 

Home removal is not recommended, but in some cases, it can weaken the bonds and allow the lashes to slip off. If you try home removal, remember to never pick or pull at your extensions because you will likely end up pulling out your natural lashes. Your natural lashes may take a while to grow back. With damage over time, improper home removal can cause permanent hair stress/loss. 

Do I Need a Professional To Remove Lash Extensions?

Most of the time, the golden rule is to strictly see a professional. This is highly recommended for application, but it is not always necessary when it comes to removing them. People have busy schedules and other responsibilities, so it is not always ideal to carve out time to get them removed by a professional. 

Eyelash extensions are applied by using surgical-grade glue. This is something you do not want to mess with unless you are professionally licensed. 

As a lash pro, you know that we go through hundreds of hours of training and are equipped with the proper equipment. The safest way to remove your lash extensions would be by going to a professional or to become a professional if you aren’t one. 

How To Become a Lash Professional

Sugarlash PRO offers our Academy Partner Program for those who are looking for groundbreaking lash products and training. The Academy Partner program was developed to raise the standards of the lash industry to dazzling new heights. 

Partner Academies adopt our cutting-edge products and comprehensive education to increase the quality of lash services, the skill levels of lash artists, and support within the lash community. 

Step 1: Go to our website and hover over the ‘Learn’ section.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Academy Partner Program’ that is listed under Sugarlash Pro Academy. 

Step 3: Browse through the courses that we offer and figure out which one best suits you. 

Step 4: Click ‘Register Now’ and fill out whatever information is needed! 

We know that becoming a professional is not for everybody, but for those who are interested, we have got you covered. Our courses are also a great way to increase your current level of knowledge if you are already a lash pro.  

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Obviously, we know that our clients aren’t going to all go out and become lash pros. That’s why we still want to be able to give them the proper info to safely remove their lash extensions at home if they absolutely need to. 

We get it. Most of the time, people are terrified to remove their lash extensions at home because there is so much emphasis on using a professional. We’re here to ease your worries. 

The short answer is: yes. There are steps you can take to safely remove your lash extensions in the comfort of your own home. We know that it can be scary and you have probably heard horror stories, but throw all of that out the window! 

What Should I Worry About?

Regardless of if you are in-between appointments or you are just completely giving up on extensions for a while to give your natural lashes a breather, there are a few damage-free, expert-approved ways to remove eyelash extensions at home. All we ask is that you pay attention to our warnings about the sanitary and safety risks of taking matters into your own hands.

  • Wash your hands: If there is anything we have learned within the last year, it is how important proper hand washing is. Make sure to lather up the soap and thoroughly wash your hands. Get under the fingernails and everything! 
  • Remove all makeup: This may seem like an obvious one, but it is extremely important. If you start trying to take off your lash extensions with a full face of makeup on, you increase the risks of something getting in your eye. This can cause irritation or infection to the eye and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid. 
  • Pay attention: There is a chance that you are feeling a bit nervous about removing lash extensions by yourself. That is completely normal! Just make sure you are paying close attention to the instructions, but also to how your eye is reacting. If it starts to get extremely red and irritated, stop what you’re doing. 

What Are the 5 Tips?

Like we said before, removing your lash extensions at home is not ideal, but it is also not impossible. We have gathered our five top tips and best practices when it comes to removing lash extensions at home. 

1. Do Not Pick or Pull Lash Extensions

You are in a rush to get these bad boys off. We have all been there. However, do not make the hasty mistake of ripping them off just for the sake of time. The goal is to keep your natural lashes just as healthy as they were before the extensions. Pulling on them will only make matters worse and can cause irreversible damage to your natural lashes.

2. Steam Is Your Best Friend

We recommend taking a hot shower to loosen the lash extensions. Since picking, pulling, and rubbing are not in the picture, even when it comes to your steamy shower, just try and relax. Let your steaming hot shower work its magic and loosen up those lashes. 

3. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

You can either try out the olive oil home remedy or an actual oil-based cleanser. Any professional lash artist should be telling their clients to not use an oil-based cleanser after getting a fresh set of extensions because it could potentially cause them to fall out sooner. 

However, this is ideal when it comes to removing them yourself. If you incorporate oil as the first step to your cleansing routine, this can help loosen up the lashes in a slow yet safe manner. 

4. Use a Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver

As previously mentioned, eyelashes are very delicate and sensitive. Oils and showers will definitely help the loosening process, but the key to it all is purchasing a lash glue dissolver. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with remover and gently place it over your lashes for a few minutes. 

Sugarlash PRO Tip: Our Gel Remover is the best way to remove a client’s lashes. Use this to remove your client’s lashes, but if they insist on home removal, they can try one of the methods we listed above. 

5. Be Careful With Your Natural Lashes

After practicing all these tips and successfully removing your lash extensions, make sure you show some love to your lashes. Chances are they are fragile and in need of some good old-fashioned TLC. Try out some serum and give your natural lashes the chance to grow out a little. 

Proceed With Caution

Whether you decide to keep lash extensions for years or you’re giving them up for good, it is important to take the proper precautions. Keep in mind that removing lash extensions at home is possible, but you must be careful! Make sure you have your client consider all of the above carefully before they make their final decision. 


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