Mens Eyelash Extensions: Why Extensions Are for Guys Too

Mens Eyelash Extensions: Why Extensions Are for Guys Too

Each and every year, we are stepping more and more towards an inclusive world. We may not be perfect, but it definitely is not the 1950s anymore. The beauty industry has always been a world centered around women. 

But what about men? It’s time we take the stigma around men and makeup and begin to include them. Plus, Sugarlash PRO lashes are too luxurious not to be shared with everyone! 

Within the last 20 years or so, men have gotten more interested in grooming themselves. Women are not the only ones who are intrigued by self-care and their physical appearance. What started with a few skincare products for men in the 90s has now turned into its own world of male grooming and self-care. 

The beauty industry is no longer female-oriented, which is exactly how it should be. Inclusivity for all is at the heart of Sugarlash PRO and we are 100% here for the rest of the beauty industry joining our mission

The History of Makeup for Men

For the first time in recent history, men wearing makeup is finally not seen as taboo. Due to social media and the exposure of male beauty influencers, makeup is becoming more and more gender-inclusive. 

Unfortunately, for generations, makeup has been branded and marketed strictly towards women and girls. However, history likes to remind us that it was not always this way.

From about 4000 BCE through the 18th century, men traditionally used makeup. In fact, the notorious Queen Victoria I of Great Britain thought cosmetics were vulgar; her claims were of course validated by the Church of England. During the Victorian era, makeup was considered “an abomination” by both the crown and the church. 

This only created even more strong and widespread associations between makeup, vanity, femininity, and "the Devil's work." Religious values continued to dominate cultures around the world, which meant that the mainstream definition of what it means to be ‘manly’ narrowed. 

By the 20th century, makeup was seen as a girls-only kind of industry. Thankfully, modern society has been working towards a new normal, but we can always do so much more to continue the fight for this mission. 

Men and Self-Care

If we have learned anything from the infamous year of 2020, it’s how important self-care is. Whether you do a five-minute morning meditation or you have a 20-step skin-care routine, these small practices of self-care can really make a difference to your mental state. Makeup and self-care actually share the same stigma when it comes to the male population. For some reason, most people associate self-care with women and deem it ‘girly.’ 

First things first, this is just not accurate. Self-care can help anyone despite age, race, gender, sexuality, or any other factor. Believe it or not, eyelash extensions can actually be a great way to practice self-care. It is something you can do to help get into a routine and also gives you something to look forward to. 

When you get a lash extension treatment done, chances are you are going to want to keep up with it. This means you will have to get them refilled every couple of weeks. If you struggle with mental health, getting into a routine of things can really help make a difference. Even though it can be weeks in between them, consistent eyelash extension refills are certainly a way that you can get into a routine. 

Regardless of your gender, you deserve something nice and relaxing to look forward to. Life can be hard and work can burn you out, so what’s the harm in trying it out? The lash extension process is supposed to be relaxing and rewarding for the client. 

Men, do not forget that you also deserve that sliver of relaxation and time spent on something that makes you happy!  

Lash Extensions and Their Benefits

On top of all of the self-care benefits, eyelash extensions actually have a variety of benefits for men. From giving you a refreshed look, to simply putting a smile on your face from all the compliments you will be receiving, lash extensions can make a positive impact on your everyday life. 

Many men have full and lavish lashes without even trying. However, if you ever wanted to pump up your look a little or have longer lashes, this is a sign to go for it! Here at Sugarlash PRO, we offer a wide variety of lashes. From the most minuscule and natural-looking lashes to full and dramatic sets and everything in between. 

Your male client can choose what they are most comfortable with and work with you to create the perfect look. Remind them that how they look at the end of the treatment is entirely up to them! This will bring them more comfort if this is their first lash extension treatment or if they are simply a bit nervous about what other people will think. 

Sugarlash PRO offers lashes for those who are looking for a more natural-looking eyelash extension. We also have lashes for those men who want a dramatic and drastically different look than what they are used to. 

Talk to Your Client About What They Want

If your client wants something very subtle that will still highlight their eyes, then make sure you speak to them about what it is they want exactly. This is usually a good place to start when describing the kinds of lashes to your male clients. 

Chances are they are nervous since this is not something that has been socially acceptable until recently. Although this is out of their comfort zone, remind them that it does not have to be anything too dramatic or anything that will make them feel unnatural. 

At the other end of the spectrum, you could have some male clients that want the opposite of what they have had their entire lives. Some male clients could potentially have very thin eyelashes and in turn, would want full and voluptuous lashes. Make sure you tell them it could feel a little bit unnatural at first, but that they will get used to it over time. 

Regardless of what look your male clients have in mind, you can let them know that they are in a safe space. They do not have to worry about what other people will think because this is supposed to be a fun experience! They are doing something that puts a smile on their face and that is all that matters. 

Lashes for Everyone

Here at Sugarlash PRO, we believe that lashes are for everyone, not just women. In honor of that, we launched our Lashes for All celebration campaign. This campaign is based on the celebration of the diversity of lash services across all ages, genders, and cultures. It features our most diverse talent ever! Lashes for All includes Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, and masculine lash extension effects. 

As lash technicians, we know that you are doing this because it is a passion of yours. Clients want what you want: a beautiful and full look for their lashes. When it comes to dealing with male clients, remember to make them as comfortable as you can! They will more than likely be a bit nervous and as their lash technician, you can really help them be confident in their decision to get lash extensions. 

If you let your male clients know that they are in a safe, judgment-free space, and let them know all the different kinds of lashes that you offer, this will definitely help calm their nerves. However they want the finished look to be, emphasize that you can make it a reality! 

It will never be something more dramatic than they want, or too little that they can’t notice them. You can really make a difference in their first eyelash extension treatment. 

Regardless of gender, race, or culture, lash extensions are for all. As long as the proper procedures are followed, there is no reason as to why they should be strictly geared towards women. Men can rock beautiful, full lash extensions. 


Historically, makeup has been used by all genders since the beginning of time. Why should it not be the same now, especially with lashes? If clients are hesitant to get lash extensions due to what other people think, remind them it is up to them! 

Society is becoming more and more accepting of gender-inclusive makeup (including lashes), but even if they don't, reassure your clients to do what makes them happy.  


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