Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? Fact vs. Fiction

Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? Fact vs. Fiction

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to eyelash extensions is whether or not it is okay to get them wet. The good news is: yes! It is absolutely fine for your clients to go swimming with their eyelash extensions, with a few caveats.

Some types of lash adhesive will require anywhere from 24-48 hours to set completely, but SugarlashPRO’s Finishing Spray and Curator are a unique force curing process that hardens each bond of adhesive in only 30 seconds. After a force cure, lashes can get wet right away, which is completely different from some lash adhesives without the force curing process. 

With Sugarlash PRO’s force cure, shortly after walking out of their lash appointments, clients should feel confident that they can live their lives without fear of ruining their lashes. This is a huge benefit to most clients, as those with lash extensions are often very busy people. 

We will delve into the specifics of lash extensions and give you all of the information you will need to help your clients with their lash aftercare needs. Let’s start with some common misconceptions that people tend to have about getting their lash extensions wet.

The Fiction: You Can’t Workout if You Have Lash Extensions

This is demonstrably false! Many clients are worried that if they have long extensions they won’t be able to do their usual workouts, or that they won’t be able to get as sweaty as they usually would for fear of this weakening the adhesive bond of the lashes.

The Fact: Get Your Sweat On

Exercise is good for the body and soul, and lash extensions simply shouldn’t stop anyone from getting a little sweaty. Just use a fair amount of caution when wiping sweat off of your face, as this could cause damage to your lashes if done too roughly. You can workout as you normally would; just make sure you rinse your lashes post-workout. Use a cleanser to ensure there isn’t any leftover residue on them. 

Bonus: if the sweat does get into your eyes, at least your clients won’t have mascara drips running down their cheeks. This is actually a huge selling point for many clients once they are able to get over their fear of getting lashes wet.

The Fiction: You Can’t Shower With Lash Extensions

Unless your clients have a whole lot of leisure time, they are probably not prepared to switch out showers for baths. Thankfully this myth is completely and utterly false.

The Fact: Please Shower

Showering is a necessity! Once lashes are set, there is no need to avoid a shower. This is a worry that many clients have, but it is altogether unfounded. There are a few key tips that are important to remember when showering or bathing with lash extensions:

  • Try not to rub lashes: Just like any other activity, avoid rubbing the lashes. Investing in a quality eye makeup remover designed for eyelash extensions can help prevent excessive rubbing and wiping. Brushing is good, just use a mascara spoolie or lash brush.
  • Avoid putting eyelashes directly in the shower’s water jets: This is especially true if the showerhead is a fancy, high-pressure type. That kind of intense water pressure and force could potentially cause damage to lashes. 
  • DO feel free to use a face cleanser as you normally would: It should be noted that an oil-based cleanser needs to be kept away from the eye area. 
  • Clean those lashes: They DO need to be effectively cleaned to stay in tip-top shape, and this should be done at least every other day, if not every day.

The Fiction: You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry

Is there any truth to the rumor that crying can have a negative effect on eyelash extensions? To all the sensitive souls out there, never fear. You can throw on some old ‘90’s love ballads and cry to your heart’s content. 

The Fact: Having a Good Cry Never Hurt Least Not Anyone’s Lash Extensions

No one is expecting their clients to be emotionless robots. A quality adhesive will ensure that even a really good cry isn’t going to wreak havoc on a set of lashes. Again, it tends to be rough contact, not moisture, that will make lash extensions come loose before their time.

So if you must cry (and frankly, we all need to now and then), just be sure not to rub your eyes as you’re wiping away those tears.

The Fiction: You Can’t Go Into a Sauna or a Steam Room With Eyelash Extensions

Now, this one does seem a little questionable, right? Logic would suggest that it’s not a great idea to subject lashes to steam and extreme heat. However, heading into the sauna to get a good sweat is probably going to be okay!

The Fact: Go Ahead and Use the Sauna or Steam Room, but Exercise Caution

The adhesive bond of lash extensions is incredibly strong and is designed to withstand the elements like sweat, steam, and heat. However, your clients probably want to consider how often they are engaging in these activities.

Continued prolonged exposure to extreme heat and steam might eventually have a bit of an impact on lash extensions, but relaxing in a sauna on occasion won’t hurt

The Fiction: Swimming With Lash Extensions Should Be Avoided at All Costs

One of your clients’ biggest fears, especially if they live on the coast, near the beach, or on a lake, is that they won’t be able to swim. In fact, this is a reason that some people opt to forgo lash extensions.

You can educate your prospective clients that this simply is not the case. Honestly, this needs to be shouted from the rooftops of every lash salon in the world!

The Fact: Swimming Is Totally Fine

Okay, let’s get into it: this is what you’ve been waiting for. Your clients can enjoy all the water activities they want!  

No, this is not a drill. If you are new to the lash game, you may be wondering how it’s possible that lash extensions can be durable enough to withstand the moisture of a swimming pool or even an ocean. Well, a lot of that depends on the type of lash extensions and the quality of the product. 

If you are getting your lash products from a reputable source like Sugarlash PRO, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting them wet. It is worthwhile to invest in the future of your business and feel confident in your product. You can read more about the benefits of using high-quality products here. As we say, good lashes aren’t cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t good!

Swimming in and of itself will not cause any damage to quality lash extensions. However, there are some related issues that could potentially occur, and it is important to let your clients know about some dilemmas that they could face if they are not swimming responsibly. 

A Few Things To Consider When You Are Swimming

  • Chlorine can be a little harsh: This is true for natural hair and skin as well as the eyes, so it is not specific to lash extensions. However, since chlorine can make the eyes itchy, it’s more likely that people who swim in a pool are going to potentially be rubbing or itching their eyes, which as we know, is a big no-no for lash extensions.
  • Saltwater needs to be removed from lashes: There’s nothing as amazing as hitting the beach in the summer, but saltwater should not stay on lashes for an extended period of time. For those beach babes and bros who love to swim in the ocean, it’s necessary to rinse the saltwater from lashes immediately upon returning home from the beach. 
  • Be careful when toweling off: While the water itself is not going to harm extensions, rough use of a beach towel can. 

Swimming Aftercare

Yes, swimming is allowed with eyelash extensions, but you can’t pretend that those extensions don’t exist. It is important to remember that those lashes might need a little extra TLC after a day in saltwater or chlorine. 

We recommend that anytime a client is going swimming, the lashes should be cleaned immediately after. This is particularly important when it comes to swimming in chlorine or saltwater.

Rinsing the chlorine or saltwater from lashes, using a gentle cleanser, and carefully brushing through the lashes with a spoolie is the best way to make sure that there are no remnants of chemicals or ocean left on those lashes! 

Just Keep Swimming

Though your clients may have some apprehension about caring for their lashes during the summer months, the truth is that this is probably one of the best times to have lash extensions. No need to worry about mascara running during a dip into the pool, and the ability to just get up and go with minimal makeup. 

Summer fun, here we come!



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