Deep Set Eyes: How To Tell if You Have Them

Deep Set Eyes: How To Tell if You Have Them

Deep eyes, also sometimes called deep-set, deep-seated, or sunken eyes, are set further back into the skull than most people’s eyes are. That description in itself may not exactly sound glamorous, but deep eyes can be absolutely gorgeous, especially if one knows how to bring out their true beauty.

What Do Deep Set Eyes Look Like?

Deep eyes have a somewhat different shape and appearance than other types of eyes, but that isn’t a bad thing. It sometimes makes eyes look bigger than they actually are, which gives the impression of a more noticeable brow bone.

Conversely, sometimes deep eyes can create the illusion that the eyes are actually smaller. It really depends on the person, and there is no one cookie-cutter approach to making deep-set eyes stand out. 

Often, because the eyes are set a bit further back, those with longer lashes will find that the tips of their lashes may actually touch their eyelids. 

Deep eyes are naturally defined, which means that applying makeup can be a breeze. However, there are certain makeup techniques that work best for deep-set eyes. There are many ways to bring out deep eyes and play up their potential, which will be our focus here.

How To Know if You Have Deep Eyes

You are probably opening up the camera app on your phone to look at your eyes and see if they are indeed deep-set eyes. It’s important to understand this distinction so that you can figure out how to play to the eye shape. There are some ways to know if you or your client has this eye type. Here are a few tips and tricks.

1) Try looking at them from the side. Yeah, this is a little difficult. Your best bet is to try to use a hand mirror and a wall mirror (or any other mirror) in conjunction with one another. Imagine you just put your hair up in a ponytail and are trying to see it from a side angle. If you notice that your brow bone seems to stick out, this can be a hint that you have deep-set eyes. In the salon environment, this is yet another example of why client consultations are so important. The best lash artists know the importance of taking the time to sit and talk with clients and examine their eyes from all angles to see what will fit them best.
2) Utilize lighting. Those with the prominent brow bone of deep-set eyes will find that there are more shadows in their eye area. Shining a light from above will create more shadows in those with deep eyes.
3) Do you look tired? Never mind the fact that no one in the history of the world has ever appreciated being told that they look tired (insert eye roll here). Those with deep eyes may have darker circles or bags under their eyes or may look like they are squinting all the time. 

Deep eyes can be all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Deep eyes may be almond-shaped, round, narrow, close-set, large, or small. 

In some rare cases, deep-set eyes can indicate another medical condition, but it’s more likely that this is just the way the eyes look and is completely harmless. Having deep eyes will simply affect the way that your client will apply makeup and the lashes that you choose for them. 

What Does It Mean To Have Deep Eyes?

If it is rare that deep eyes mean anything other than an eye shape, why does it matter? Well, there are a few reasons. Having deep eyes will affect the aforementioned makeup techniques, for one. 

It may also impact what your clients’ goals are. For most people with deep eyes, the objective is to make the eyes appear larger, brighter, and overall less shadowed. You can stand out from the crowd of lash professionals by offering not only the lashes that will do the trick but also by helping your client to learn a few tips along the way.

Pick and Choose the Best Lashes for Your Clients With Deep Eyes

When your clients come to you, they know that they are in the presence of a true professional.  With that in mind, they are hoping that you can give them the guidance they need to pick the right lash service for them. 

Sugarlash PRO Tip: Long lashes make all the difference. As a lash artist, you already know that long and defined lashes make every eye shape look amazing. However, for deep eyes, they are very important. Long lashes make eyes pop, so utilizing them to bring out sunken eyes is the most important thing your clients can do.

Depending on the client, this probably means one of two things: lash extensions or a lash lift. Let’s talk about the benefits of each.

Lash Extensions for Deep Eyes

We don’t have to tell you how much lash extensions can impact the appearance of the eye. Nothing can make the eyes stand out like a dramatic set of lash extensions. For deep eyes, a dramatic look could be the best way to go.

Sugarlash PRO Tip: Use winged eyeliner lash style for your deep-eyed clients! A winged eye effect can help lift the eyes and create an elongated sultry eye look. If your client is after a more open eye style, we recommend using a longer lash in the middle of the eye rather than at the outer corner for that more wide-eyed and awake look. Sugarlash PRO carries M and L curls to help you achieve the best look for your client!

For deep eyes, we recommend flat lashes, with a semi-matte, dark full finish. Truly, you can’t go wrong with any quality lash extension set, but a deep eye needs a little extra drama. If your clients are unsure of what they want and what kind of lashes will fit their lifestyle, you could direct them to this lash quiz! 

Or, you can guide them through the process with a few key questions such as: What is your budget? How often are you willing to come in for fills? Do you want drama or natural? On an average weekly basis, how active are you? Do you play sports? Etc.

Lash Lifts for Deep Eyes

Another option for clients with deep eyes is a lash lift. Lash lifts are becoming more and more popular, especially for clients who already have long lashes but perhaps just need a little pick-me-up. They provide your clients with a natural look by enhancing the lashes they already have.

This makes it ideal for those with long, straight lashes or those who aren't ready to commit to extensions just yet.

The curl that a lash lift adds to natural lashes is just what someone with deep-set eyes will need to make those eyes pop and brighten them up. Though a full set of extensions would add more of an enhanced effect, a lash lift is a great choice for those who might want a more natural look or who don’t want to do as much upkeep as extensions require. 

To Wrap It Up

There’s nothing wrong with having deep-set eyes! Just like any other eye shape, they are beautiful, especially when you know how to accentuate them. With a well-done set of lashes, you can help your client achieve their lash goals! 



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