Skinny Brows are trending in — how will lashes follow?

Kylie Jenner sporting skinny eyebrows

We have been (hesitantly) watching as skinny brows slowly creep back into editorials around the globe, and although the Sugarlash PRO team isn’t QUITE ready to jump on the bandwagon yet — it’s safe to say our GenX generation will be jumping on this trend. 

Kylie Jenner sporting skinny eyebrows

Source: Beauty Crew

Bushy brows have been all the rage for the last decade, with many women opting for services to make them appear more full  like tinting, microblading, and even eyebrow transplants! The lash industry has stayed in stride taking a “fuller is better” approach as well to balance the features. 

But — what if skinny brows go mainstream? Here’s our predictions for the lash industry. 


Close up of a model's lifted lashes

Understated, easy to maintain, and timeless… lash lifts are certainly gaining more and more popularity every year. With a skinny brow, we are forecasting this will become even more so. 

At Sugarlash, we not only have a lash lift system — but we have pioneered add on services to the menu to boost revenue with lifts alone. Add on Plump (to increase hair density by up to 24%) and Glaze (to give long lasting keratin nourishment). Need training? We have a Lash Lift Certification Course which even includes lower lash lifting as well! 


Close up of a model's classic lash set

It’s been all about the Mega lashes for years. Everyone wants maximum fullness all the time. But this won’t work with a skinny brow. Because brows are what frames lash extensions, and if the frame is thinner — lashes must follow. We anticipate a rise in classic lash extension popularity — and just cause they are classic doesn’t mean they need to be boring! Sugarlash PRO teaches advanced classic effects in our course with curl mixing, capping, texturizing effects and more. Get on board, it’s about to pick up! 


If skinny brows are coming, it’s time to pivot our menus and marketing. Try to be the first to market with skinny brow and classic lash sets for your next campaign shoot! Let’s not fight the change and let’s be prepared to embrace it! 

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