5 Reasons You're Not Getting Featured on Socials by Your Favourite Lash Brand

5 Reasons You're Not Getting Featured on Socials by Your Favourite Lash Brand



If you're an active member of the lash community on social media, you've probably noticed that some people seem to get all the love from their favourite lash brands. Their photos are constantly being reposted and they always seem to be receiving special treatment and products. But why do certain artists get all the love? Here's a look at how Sugarlash PRO chooses artists to shine the spotlight on. The top 5 reasons you're not getting featured (yet!)

Three close up photos of lash extensions side by sideLeft to right: @hausofbeyouty@21decembre.lashes@lashme.mel

1. We only post photos of artists work using ALL of our products.

We love loyalty and we believe in the Sugarlash PRO system as a whole. When artists tag us, but are using for example: Our adhesive, and another brands lashes — there goes your feature chance! We want to showcase our system, with your skill!

2. We look for high end photography and beautifully edited photos.

We love a good clean lash shot with zero clutter in the background, groomed brows, and skin nicely edited. This is when the lashes truly shine.

3. You're tagging every single lash company in your post.

When we get tagged in a lash photo, we immediately try to decipher what product is used and whether we can highlight and feature the photo. When every lash brand is tagged and hashtagged, no company is sure of what product was used or where loyalty lies. We can only commit to you, if you're committed to us.

4. Adhesive control and clean bases

In lash photos, the base placement of the lashes is imperative to how the lash photo turns out. Ensure all lashes are placed 0.5mm away from the eyelid, and have even density and coverage throughout the lash line. This reads well as far as technique and allows for a beautifully full set (even if its just classics!). If any excess adhesive is visible, it also detracts from the photo. Make sure bonds are seamless to the natural lash.

5. Lash direction

It only takes one lash being out of place and pointing the wrong direction for the photo to go from a 10 to a 7. Ensure you're brushing the lashes to perfection before capturing the shot to give a beautifully crafted shape to the final result.

We would LOVE to feature YOU. We hope these tips give you inspiration on how to get featured, and that when you commit to us, we commit right back to you! Can't wait to see you on IG! Follow us @sugarlashpro

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