Client Love!

Client Love!

Creating that 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ experience is more than just having the best product and lashes in town (although that certainly helps). It’s about an atmosphere and customer service that will leave your clients feeling as amazing as they look with fresh lashes! Follow these tips and your clients might give you a little extra as well for your care!

Take a look at your space before your client arrives. Is it clean and welcoming? Give your floor a quick sweep to get rid of any errant lashes from previous clients and ensure that all your tools are sparkly clean. Make sure your space looks warm and welcoming, ask your client what music they want to listen to or what scents they prefer if you have a diffuser or candles burning. These extra steps might sound silly, but having a return client come back and refer you to their friends is worth these extra steps. Maybe add a few plants (fake ones are okay, too if you have a brown thumb). Nothing speaks louder than a first impression.


Speaking of first impressions, let’s talk about you and how you receive clients. 

We want you to be dressed with comfort in mind, but that doesn’t mean we get to look like we just rolled out of bed either. Leggings are totally acceptable, or “fancy” joggers. Wear a comfy top - nothing extravagant. We just don’t want a lash artist who looks like they haven’t slept in days (even if that’s true!).

When a client walks in, make sure you greet them within a few seconds of them walking in the door. Stand up and approach them, don’t stay seated in the corner. Think about when you’re going out to eat. Isn’t it nicer when the hostess approaches you and compliments your coat or shoes? Same idea here. A genuine compliment goes a long way. If you’re client comes in in sweatpants and top knot, you could tell them how cute their sweats are or you love how comfy they look!

We’ll also award bonus points if you offer them a drink if you need a little extra time to set up or sanitize. A warm and friendly greeting goes a long way. Especially if you’re meeting a client for the first time or maybe it’s the hundredth time. 

And with that, remember their names! Any detail about your clients that they offer you, remember, and write down next to their names for their next appointment. Do they have a pet? If so, what’s their name? What do they do for work and where do they work? Find little ways to build a relationship over time and make their experience with you as welcoming as possible.

You don’t have to talk throughout the whole appointment, we know as lash artists the more a face moves the trickier it can get to lash, but make sure as your clients are getting settled, that you have some go-to talking points so the conversation never dies or feels awkward and forced.

Next is all about the flow of your appointment. If it’s their first time, show off your space, explain the appointment process, and what you’ll be doing. Offer them the washroom before they lie down on the bed. Remember, you’re happy to be there, and it’s your job as a service provider to put on that happy front and push through your hard days. That’s how you become a professional in any field. 

Remember to hold onto your passion and be excited to be there.Your attitude translates in even the smallest of movements and your client can read your actions. Obviously it’s hard to show up every day with a sunny attitude, but focus on your purpose. Ask yourself why you got into doing lashes, and keep that answer at the forefront of your mind if there are days when it’s just hard to show up.


Here is a checklist for you to look at if you’re ever needing a little reminder!


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