Train the Trainer 2018

Train the Trainer 2018

The lash experts descended on Alberta for LashPRO Academy’s Train the Trainer event! We spent five days with these nine gorgeous gals as they were put through their lash paces, proving they’ve got everything it takes to slay as the LashPRO Academy Educator dream team.

Crystal Harvey, Debbie Vo, Kristen Ann Wade, Meghan Beck, Sadie Welder, Samantha Matkovich, Tamra Haim, Vannie Llamas, and Yuel Loo Rafferty don’t come from the same cities — or even the same continents! — but have “drooled over [each other’s] sets for years”, as Crystal puts it. They met for the first time in Calgary as they trained, practiced, ate, and even lived together for five days.

After a night of BBQ, sangria, and lots of rest, the Educators geared up for Day 1 of training and working on live models — and they showed us what the phrase #cantstopwontstop REALLY looks like. Samantha travelled the longest distance to be at Train the Trainer (she flew all the way from Australia!), and noted that, “Nine driven lash addicts in the same house meant minimal sleep and LOTS of lash talk.” She wasn’t kidding: the Educators trained for 15 HOURS STRAIGHT, which Samantha says, “had us up late working over Starbucks and wine!”

It’ll come as a relief to know that this ambitious crew did eventually sleep. “Making fans till 3 AM was definitely wild,” laughs Yuel, “But our craft got sooo much better and we all felt accomplished at the end of our model day (although wine and chips definitely helped!)” And when all is said and done, what better way to prove that lash artists know how to throw down than a good old-fashioned Zoom Challenge? Says Crystal, “I guess it shows that even when we have nothing left to do, we take on a challenge!”

After two solid days of training and practicing lash work, Sugarlash PRO CEO & Founder Courtney Buhler whisked the Educators off to the mountains in style, rolling into Lake Louise in a limo and popping champagne (yeah, we know — y’all can find Sugarlash PRO in the dictionary pictured by the definition of ‘work hard, play hard’).

A magical day in the Rockies was followed by a visit to Sugarlash PRO HQ in Edmonton, where the Educators met the behind-the-scenes crew, and created gorgeous lash sets for the models starring in the next Sugarlash PRO photoshoot.

And just as quickly as it began, Train the Trainer came to an end. We’ll leave it to Crystal to relay the perfect parting thoughts: “Train the Trainer was the best weekend I have ever had. It’s cheesy, but each lash artist is so brilliant and creative that I’ve been inspired beyond belief to bring a new level of learning to the lash industry. After intensive training for days, there was a profound feeling of accomplishment from everyone. We felt like a sports team taking home the championship trophy!”

Congrats, LashPRO Academy Educators! We can’t wait to see what you bring to the world!

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