Lash Lift Insider Tips & Tricks

Lash Lift Insider Tips & Tricks

Lash lifts are an innovative, yet low-maintenance lash-curling service which provide enhancement and definition without the same commitment as lash extensions. Sugarlash PRO’s Lash Lift 360° system is an elevated service which can be tailored to your individual client, in three simple steps: 


We wanted to give you a few insider tips and tricks that you won’t find in the Lash Lift 360° course! We hope that these help you create beautiful lifts, which have your client’s coming back to you time and time again. 


If you notice that your client has excess skin on their eyelid, you will want to apply tape prior to applying the lash shield. Apply tape to the eyelid and gently pull the skin towards the eyebrow, securing the tape to the skin once you have achieved the desired lift. This will smooth out the skin on the eyelid and ensure the lash shield is secure and flush to the skin. 


If you accidentally apply too much adhesive to your clients natural lashes, use a dampened flocked applicator to remove the excess adhesive before continuing. Dry the dampened area, reattach any lashes or sections by applying a small amount of adhesive onto the shield and using your Y-tool, flocked applicator, or lash pick. The adhesive is water soluble formula, which means it is easy to remove the adhesive and adjust the lashes as needed. 


Always adhere the natural lashes onto the chosen shield, at a 90° angle. The lashes should be tightly secured and separated on the shield. Do not try and angle the natural lashes outwards or inwards as this can cause kinks and twisting once the natural lashes are released from the shield. 


Once you are comfortable and confident in your lash lifting skills, there are techniques to reduce your processing time. After applying the natural lashes to the shield on your client’s first eye, you may apply LIFT to the lashes adhering the shield to the second eye. Set your timer for the first eye and while the lashes are processing, applying the shield and securing the natural lashes on the second eye. Apply your LIFT solution to the second and set another timer. At this time the first eye will have nearly finished processing and the LIFT may be removed, and you may proceed to the next step. 


Some clients have extremely smooth or oily skin which may cause issues when securing the lash lift shields to the eyelid, even after thorough cleansing. If you run into this issue, you can secure a small piece of paper tape across the eyelid first and then proceed to apply the shield. The adhesive will adhere to the tape and this will prevent the shield from lifting throughout the lash lift process. 

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