Lash Lift Aftercare: 10 Tips for Flawless Lashes

Lash Lift Aftercare: 10 Tips for Flawless Lashes

Lash lifts are quickly becoming all the rage. A lash lift is perfect for anyone who wants beautiful, curled lashes without the upkeep requirements of extensions. They eliminate your clients’ need to curl them daily and provide a natural look that amplifies their natural lashes.  

According to the founder of Sugarlash PRO, Courtney Buhler, “A lash lift is essentially what your lashes would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, and a coat of mascara so [giving] a nice shape upward and a realistic curl… but one that lasts for eight weeks with zero maintenance!”

This post will detail not only what a lash lift is and how it works, but will also provide the reader with important information about how to properly care for a lash lift after it has been done. The good news is that aftercare for this particular treatment is a piece of cake!

What Exactly Does a Lash Lift Do?

For those who are unfamiliar, a lash lift is, for all intents and purposes, a perm for the lashes. In contrast to extensions, lash lifts utilize the natural lashes a client already has. This makes it the perfect fit for those who have long but straight lashes, or those who aren’t quite ready to commit to extensions.  

Ultimately, anyone who has eyelashes is a great candidate for a lash lift.  

With the proper aftercare, lash lifts can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. The nice thing about lash lifts is that their results tend to simply fade gradually over time, so the lashes do not look unnatural or awkward as the treatment starts to fade. 

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

Any lash lift appointment will begin with some sort of consultation with your lash technician. Different clients have different goals. Although some clients may want lashes that are fanned out, others may want lashes that are pushed upward. 

A lash lift is ultimately a chemical process. The lash tech will separate the upper and lower lashes and put a silicone shield onto the upper lid.  Then, three solutions will be applied to the lashes in order to set them exactly the way the client wants. The entire process will take only 45 minutes to an hour, making it perfect for busy people.

Some clients may have concerns about the lifting process, but it is reassuring to know that the products used in a lash lift are completely safe and gentle, while also being highly effective. Read here to learn more about the three-step process in a modernized lash lift. 

Though a lash lift requires significantly less upkeep than extensions in terms of the number of appointments, there is some aftercare required to ensure that the client has lasting results. Here are the top seven tips for lash lift aftercare.

#1 Go Naked

If the sight of the first tip makes you feel a little squeamish, don’t worry: we are only talking about the eyes! For the first 48 hours after a lash lift, it is incredibly important to keep those lashes perfectly bare. 

Though this is a tip that may seem counterintuitive to those who are very concerned with their appearance, it is truly necessary to avoid eye creams, eye serums, and any kind of eye makeup for the first couple of days. 

After the 48 hour setting period is over, you can go right back to your normal makeup routine, for the most part. However, this may influence the timing of when you would want to make your lash lift appointments. 

It’s probably best not to get a lash lift the day before a big event for which you would want to wear glamorous makeup, and clients need to know this information before going into an appointment. The last thing anyone wants is miscommunication about what to expect after a lash lift. 

#2 Stay As Dry as Possible

For at least 24 hours after a lash lift (preferably 48 if it’s doable), showers, baths, and swimming should be avoided. 

Don’t even think about entering a sauna or steam room during this time! In fact, staying out of extra steamy showers, in general, is a good idea, but especially in the initial day(s) following a treatment. 

Just like the first tip, this is something that may affect when a client wants to set up their appointments. The day before a whitewater rafting trip, for example, is not the time to schedule a lash lift! 

#3 Mind the Way You Sleep

Stomach and side sleepers beware: if you are putting pressure on your new lash lift while you are asleep, you may be undoing some of the results. 

It may be a little challenging for some people, but it’s important to at least attempt to sleep on your back for the first night or two after a lash lift. The strain of sleeping on freshly lifted lashes can negatively affect your results, and may even break down some of the curls. 

Sugarlash PRO Tip: Sleeping on a satin pillowcase may help to reduce some of the friction if you do happen to roll over and fall asleep in an undesirable position. A bonus is that it will also keep your hairstyle looking nice. 

#4 Handle With Care

Even after the first 48 hours are up, it is advisable to be careful and gentle with the lashes. As always, those with lash lifts should avoid rubbing their eyes and should not use an eyelash curler.

The good news is that with the results of a typical lash lift, using a curler won’t be necessary! Those lashes will already be curled and looking amazing. 

#5 Limit the Eye Products You Are Using

One thing that you definitely want to be aware of is the products that you are using on your eyes, even after the first setting period is over. Oil-based products are fine to use after a lash lift, but you should still keep an eye out for any overly harsh ingredients that could interfere with your life. Don’t forget to check your eye makeup remover as well, just in case! 

Thankfully, you don’t actually need to avoid waterproof mascara with your lash lift, as some people think. Many clients may find, however, that after a lash lift they don’t feel the need to use as much mascara, or don’t need to use as dramatic a mascara as they were using prior to getting their lashes lifted.

#6 Consider Using a Nourishing Solution

Though you need to be careful about the use of over-the-counter products, there are some nourishing solutions that can make your lashes pop. Of course, it’s best to only use products that are recommended by a lash professional.

The PLUMP solution from Sugarlash PRO is ideal not only made for use with lash lifts at the time of application but can also be applied directly to lashes afterward for a bold look. 

Just like the hair on your head, the treated eyelash hair will benefit from being conditioned regularly to maintain the results. Some people have naturally more brittle lashes than others, and those people especially will find that a mild nourishing solution like PLUMP will really help. It has keratin and 24k gold to infuse lashes with nutrients and strengthen them

#7 Return to Your Lash Technician When Your Lash Lift Results Start To Fade

After seeing the amazing results of a lash lift, it can be tempting for some to DIY this process at home. Indeed, there are at-home kits that people can buy, but it is not worth the risk or even the potential financial savings. 

In the best-case scenario, you will end up with decent results that might look okay, but will be nowhere near as effective as the work of a professional; the worst-case scenario, you could damage your lashes beyond repair, develop an infection, allergic reaction, or even lose your eyesight due to not being able to control solutions with your eyes closed. 

It’s important to educate your clients about the importance of trusting the expertise of a lash tech and not try and take matters into their own hands to save a few bucks. 

The beauty of a lash lift is that the upkeep is minimal, and when the results do start to fade, they do so in a very natural way. When they do, it is time to book another appointment! 

In Summary

Lash lifts are easy to complete and are a great fit for so many people who may not want the glamour of typical lash extensions.

When it comes to caring for lashes, whether it is lash extensions, or in this case a lash lift, make sure that your clients leave their appointments with confidence in knowing that they will be able to manage their lashes and the aftercare involved. Happy lifting! 


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