Confessions of a Lonely Lash Artist

Confessions of a Lonely Lash Artist

Working as a solo lash artist has its perks—you get to make your own hours, be your own boss, and see the fruits of your hard work transform into profit if all goes according to plan. But starring in a one-woman show can also be kind of lonely. We talked to a few lash artists to get their take on isolation in the lash industry, and what we can do to change it.

SLP: How has being a solo lash artist affected your social life?

“As a home based lash artist I rely solely, at this time, on connecting with others in the industry through social media. It is a very lonely position as the main social contact is received through client interaction and time with family after work. —Tamra (

SLP: What do you think would help alleviate feelings of isolation as a lash artist?

“I feel that if more lash artists understood that it is all about collaboration rather than competition, that would alleviate the feelings of isolation.” —Madison (@madisonleighco)

“I think being able to connect with others in the industry through social events, refresher courses or conferences would help! Being able to have face to face or hands on interaction is so important, especially now with everyone relying heavily on connections through social media. Everyone's busy, everything is so fast paced and we all have limited amounts of hours in the day. People don't even talk on the phone anymore!” —Tamra (

SLP: Do you find the lash industry to be a supportive place?

“There are so many groups, so many people, so many different levels, and you can always learn from one another. Everyone has different techniques, and no two lash artists are the same. It's actually a reason why I chose lash artistry. There's so much positivity in it and so much you can do.” —Noura (@nouraesthetics)

SLP: How do you think your quality of life would change if you had a stronger sense of community with other lash artists?

“I feel like I being connected to others is truly what most people crave. We all want success, we all want to be accepted, to feel valued and truly a part of something. That is why we work hard to keep our friendships and family relationships healthy. It's no different with [lash artistry]. The other artists are my community at work. I want to be connected to likeminded people, and with that [connection], I feel I would benefit mentally, physically and emotionally.” —Tamra (

SLP: How do you think the lash industry on the whole would change if artists had a stronger sense of community with one another?

“I think it would eliminate a lot of the ‘competition’ or ‘negative’ mindsets you see thrown around. I feel it [would] create a more encouraging community, and one that was supportive of everyone's success. I don't truly think anyone wants to see people fail, struggle or be unhappy in what they are doing.” —Tamra (

“I think if lash artists came together we could literally build an empire”. —Noura (@nouraesthetics)

We totally agree. That’s why we’re launching Lash Socials™—casual get-togethers for lash artists by lash artists. So you can connect with lash artists in your community, learn from one another, and help contribute to a thriving industry. Lash Socials are run entirely by lash artists like you, and can be as simple as five lash artists in a small town meeting for coffee once a month. Our goal is to help connect lash artists with one another to share wisdom, lead fulfilling work and personal lives, and ultimately support each other in becoming the most successful lash artists and business owners they can be. We believe a unified lash community is a successful one, and we hope you’ll join us in in our pursuit to build an informed industry, and empowered sisterhood—all over a few cups of coffee.

Learn more about Lash Socials™ here.

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