Lash Care: Winter Edition

Lash Care: Winter Edition

'Tis the season — for cozy sweaters, wool socks, fabulous coats, frosty windows, AND switching up those beauty routines! Falling temperatures and humidity levels wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and even our lashes. Dry skin and hair can disrupt the lash growth cycle, causing lashes to shed prematurely and grow more slowly than usual. Plus, the cold, dry air can zap lashes of their moisture, making them brittle. So what can a lash enthusiast do in these trying sub-zero times? Practice these tried-and-true winter lash care tips. 

Take your vitamins

Whether you’re a multivitamin kind of person, or eat leafy greens like they’re going extinct, make sure you’re incorporating D, B, and E vitamins into your regimen this winter. Some dieticians claim that Vitamin B12 strengthens hair, while Vitamin D has recently been linked to hair growth. All three are known to promote skin and hair health, and should give your lashes the boost they need to survive the dry, frosty days. Talk to your doctor about incorporating D, B, and E vitamins — and the right dosages — into your diet .

Check your labels

When the humidity drops below 80%, there’s only one cure—moisturizer and lots of it. But if you are moisturizing around the eyes, make sure to check the ingredients. Oil, glycerin, and wax are your lash extensions’ worst enemies, breaking down adhesive bonds and causing your extensions to pop off. To keep your sets fuller for  longer, use only oil-free products within the orbital bone. If your moisturizer is oil-based, no problem. Just keep it away from your eyes.

Get your fills

Schedule regular fills with your lash artist (every 2-3 weeks) to keep your sets party-ready all season long. At your fill appointments, your lash artist doesn’t just apply extensions to new lashes. She or he removes and replaces any overgrown or twisted extensions, increases fullness with capping (ask your lash artist about this!), and monitors your lash health. While looking out for your lashes, your lash artist is also protecting you from germs and adhesive vapours with an activated charcoal mask. If you are experiencing any seasonal shedding, premature loss of extensions, or stress on the natural lashes, your lash artist can let you know.

Practise safe-steaming

There’s nothing like a dip in a hot tub or a ten-minute steam to chase the winter chill from your bones. And while hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms are safe for use with lash extensions, you should avoid touching your eyes while you’re using them. Extreme heat can soften the adhesive bonds, and rubbing your eyes while the bonds are relaxed can cause lash extensions to pop off. Don't worry though, as long as your steer clear of touching your extensions, your lashes won’t experience any side effects from the heat; your set will be back to normal as soon as your lashes cool down again.

Master these tips, and your lashes will thank you for it — even when the weather outside is frightful.  

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