Lash Rehab | A 6-Step Program for Lash Addicts

Lash Rehab | A 6-Step Program for Lash Addicts



Maybe you took your lash addiction a little too far without proper care. Lash extensions themselves aren’t the culprit for damaging your natural strands —  look at poor lashing skills and low-grade product that make your lashes fall from grace. We’ve got a few tips to help you through the mourning process.

Go bare.


Have any remaining lashes professionally removed — ASAP. Picking at them will only cause more damage and could possibly cause infection without proper aftercare instructions.

Brush on your vitamins.


If you have bald spots or sparse lashes from shedding or removal, nourish your lashes using a lash growth serum loaded with biotin and conditioners such as panthenol. Consistency is key — brush along the lash line once a day. The serum can be worn under makeup - just make sure that you let it absorb before application. On a budget? Castor oil works great for traumatized lashes too. Gently rub along the lash line and let it soak in. This one is best used in the evening for maximum conditioning.

Rebuild from within.


Eat foods high in vitamin B, C and D and look for supplements that are chock full of biotin, collagen, and fatty omegas. Not only will you see your lashes, hair, and nails grow — your skin will begin to glow!

Take a makeup vacay.


The less stress on your lash, the more resilient and strong it will be. But, if you must — use a mascara with nourishing properties. And absolutely, for certain — skip the waterproof mascara, which requires agitation to remove.

Be gentle.


Your lash line has suffered a trauma. Try your best not to tug or pull while cleansing. Use micellar water or cleanser for sensitive skin to remove makeup and dirt.

Tempted to give up rehab?


Extensions aren’t the only option for lash addicts, try a Curlperfect Lash Lift. This process perms your natural lashes, giving them a lift and curl which lasts for up to 8 weeks. Add a tint for more depth, and squelch your lash extension withdrawal. No relapse here!  

The day will come when you’re ready to lash again. Don’t be afraid.  Research your area for a Sugarlash PRO certified lash artist, look for reviews on social media, and always look for pictures of their work. A good lash artist will answer your questions efficiently, keep a clean environment, use the right tools and products, and offer the proper aftercare products for lash maintenance at home.

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