LashPRO Therapy — Part 1

LashPRO Therapy — Part 1

Most lash artists will tell you they have the best job in the world — the rush that comes with making other people feel beautiful, empowered, and comfortable in their own skin is like nothing else in this world. However, they also have a very physical job — one that puts a lot of pressure on their necks, backs, arms, and fingers.

In this series, we want to explore how lash artists take care of themselves — and what products they use to do that.

We’re starting with the HANDS aka a lash artist’s most precious tools — with all that strain on the fingers, wrists, and arms, it’s no wonder there’s always hand-wringing at the end of the day! It makes sense — when your hands make all your money, you need to take care of them and treat them like GOLD.

Acupressure is a blend of "acupuncture" and "pressure". Traditional Chinese medical theory is based on pressure points throughout the body. These invisible points can affect different organs or muscle trigger points. Sugarlash PRO decided to use this practice to develop our Accupressure Ring + Bracelet to help relieve tension in the hand.

“On extra-long lashing days, I reach for my Acupressure Bracelet,” says  LashPRO Educator Samantha Taylor, adding, “It really helps to encourage circulation & massage the tendons we use that can sometimes strain.”

For Sugarlash Squad member, Mandia Garmon, it’s the fact that the Accupressure Ring and Bracelet tackle the most common pain points associated with lashing that draws her to the set. “They’re so easy to use and easily reduce stress on the tendons and muscles in my hands after a long lash day.”

So what are these pain points? And how does the ring and bracelet work on them? In traditional Chinese medicine, finger therapy can actually affect different parts of the body:

Thumb — affects stomach, spleen, skin surface, absorption and digestion of food

Emotional: calms the nerves and eases worry and stress.

Index Finger — affects the kidneys, bladder, muscles, and circulatory systems

Emotional: induces feelings of peace, increases mental clarity.

Middle Finger — affects the liver, gall bladder, hematopoiesis, and aids in detoxification and  nutrient conversion.

Emotional: reduces anger, increases harmony and balance.

Ring Finger — affects the lungs, large intestine, deeper layers of the skin, and the respiratory system

Emotional: helps with feelings of grief and sadness.

Little Finger — affects bone structure, the heart, and the small intestine

Emotional: increases your intuition and stimulates inspiration and inner wisdom

While those effects may be up for debate, what is definite is that gently rolling the Accupressure Bracelet and ring up and down on the forearm, along the wrist, and up the fingers relieves a lot of pain and pressure, keeping you healthier for longer. And when you’re working with your hands all day, nothing is more important than that.

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