Your complete guide to setting up sugarlash society in your salon

Your complete guide to setting up sugarlash society in your salon

Sugarlash Society is here! After years of development, testing and research — we are thrilled to be able to offer our artists this incredible line to retail in their salons. Below you’ll find all the info on product benefits, the revenue potential for your business — and a guide on how much Sugarlash Society to stock with our easy to follow formula.


At the end of the day, strong salons or solo artists have one thing in common: incredible client results paired with crucial aftercare to protect their clients investment.


But sales feel icky — I don’t want clients to feel pressured! This is something we hear time and time again and couldn’t disagree with more wholeheartedly. Clients are all spending hard earned dollars with you to have their lashes beautified. To not offer them products to increase the benefits of service it’s not only a missed opportunity for you for additional revenue and to build stronger trust between you and your clients — but it’s hurting their ability to protect the investment they’ve made for their lashes!

How Sugarlash Society benefits your clients

 We have 6 products that work for either lash lifts or lash extensions — and one that is a must have for both clients!


01. Gentle Gel Cleanser
- Greatly reduces bacterial build up
- Balances PH levels
- Removes makeup and oils while maintaining moisture barrier


How to use: Use morning and night with a cleansing brush to work through lashes at the base through the tips. Rinse thoroughly. Works double duty as a cleanser and makeup remover.

 02. Locked in Sealant
- Increases lash extension retention by up to 37%
- Forms a protective barrier over lash extension bonds so oils, tears, or sweat doesn’t affect lash extension bonds.

 How to use: each morning, brush doe foot applicator over the bases (top and bottom) of lash extension bonds to give a protective barrier. After swimming, crying, or sweating — rinse lashes and reapply.


 03. Silk

- 94% of trial clients reported visible increase to lash sheen and strength
- repairs damaged hair bonds
- locks in moisture


How to use: after cleansing in the evening, brush directly onto lashes as a plumping base. Follow with plump.


04. Plump

- Up to 24% increase in hair density
- Nourishing treatment post lash lift and brow lamination

 How to use: after lash silk, dispense plump onto a lash brush or use fingertips to apply solution to lashes and brows. Do not rinse.

05. Glaze

84% of clients reported an decrease in brittleness
-nourishes lash hair while providing colour coverage
-prevents breakage


How to use: after cleansing in the morning, use glaze as a nourishing agent prior to using mascara or other makeup.


Lash extension clients:

Gentle Gel Cleanser morning and night

Locked in Sealant in the morning and as needed after workouts, sad movies, or swimming in chlorine.



Lash lift or brow lamination clients:

Gentle Gel Cleanser
Gentle Gel Cleanser



Not sure how much to stock on a monthly basis?  Figuring out how much Sugarlash Society to stock is a simple formula!


(A) determine how many lash extension appointments you do in a month 

(B) determine how many lash lift or brow lamination services you do in a month 



For (A) lash extension clients let’s say you do 100 appointments monthly.

The rule of thumb is that successful salons should sell to a minimum of 65% of these customers.

So taking your number (example: 100) multiply by 0.65 and you’ll get the amount of bottles you should stock. In this case 100 clients at a sell through rate of 65% means you should be stocking 65 bottles of Gentle Gel Cleanser and Locked in Sealant.

(100 x 0.65 = 65)



Let’s say you do 50 services of Lash lift and brow lamination. 50 clients at a sell through rate of 65% (or multiplied by 0.65) gives you the quantity of 32 bottles needed of Gentle Gel Cleanser, Plump, Silk, and Glaze.

(50 x 0.65 = 32)



Revenue Potential

Retail revenue numbers are nothing but exciting. It makes us more revenue, it keeps your clients happier between appointments, and it builds a meaningful trusting relationship between you and the client — retaining them for longer than if they had a single service with no retail investment. Retail is a client retention tool and takes appointments from a “one time transaction” and into a “we are beginning your lash journey and this is just the start of your lash results”


Below see the charts for revenue potential for your salon! We have two different pricing structures — one for non-members, and one for SL MEMBERS.


Non-members purchase Sugarlash Society at 30% off the retail price while SL members receive 50% off the retail price (meaning every dollar you spend, you double!).



How it breaks down:

If you sell the lash extension system (Gentle Gel Cleanser and Locked in Sealant) to 65 of your 100 monthly clients you make (in profit):


SL member (50% off wholesale pricing):

Cleanser sales (65): $812 USD / $1023 CAD

Locked in Sealant (65): $910 USD / $1170 CAD


If you sell the lash lift system (Gentle Gel Cleanser, Lash Silk, Plump, and Glaze) to 65% of your 50 monthly clients you make (in profit)


SL Member (50% wholesale pricing):

Gentle Gel Cleanser (32): $400 USD / $502 CAD

Silk (32): $624 USD / $502 CAD

Plump (32): $848 USD /$1088 CAD

Glaze (32): $907 USD /$576 CAD


For the entire month of February, if you place an order for Sugarlash Society™ that’s more than $500 we will enroll you into our SL MEMBER© program for free at the Platinum tier which gives you the following benefits:




If you place an Sugarlash Society order that’s higher than $750, we will enroll you into the VIP tier of SL Member which gives you our highest level benefits and includes:



Have more questions? We’d love to help you with your opening order! Email or live chat us!


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