Meet our December SL Member Spotlight Winner!

Meet our December SL Member Spotlight Winner!

We are so excited to feature our first SL Member Contest WINNER Carina Arenas!


IG + Tik Tok name: cosmicwinklashes


Courtney had the chance to sit down with her and learn more about her business, read more about her below!



Q: Congrats on winning our first ever Sugarlash Member spotlight competition! How does it feel?

A: It feels surreal. I’m flooded with mixed emotions knowing a part of me is going down in history. I truly feel overjoyed with this incredible accomplishment. Inspiring me to keep pushing for my family and myself. 

Q: Can you tell us your thought process while entering? Did you have any fears or doubts?

A: My thought process was “get it done”. If I sat and over thought about it, I would have never done it. I had every doubt and fear in my mind. Exposing your art into the world is worrisome. You’re going to have negative thoughts, of course, but it’s really you VS. you. My husband told me “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and I submitted.  

Q: We only had one submission for this contest and that was YOU! Maybe the stars aligned and you were meant to be our winner. What would you say to those who “passed” on the contest opportunity and didn’t think they could win?

A: Risk it all and truly don’t give up on your goals. Set small ones and big ones and truly believe in yourself. 20 years from now we’re going to be thinking of the things we didn’t do, rather than the ones we did. 

Q: Why did you become a Sugarlash Member?

A: I became a Sugarlash Member because I fell in love with Sugarlash PRO when I took my first classic course. I still remember that day and how excited I was opening my classic kit. Since that day I’ve ordered monthly different products and when I saw the Sugarlash membership, I knew I needed it. Who doesn’t love an amazing discount? Not just products, but educational courses! That hooked me. Since I have a huge passion for learning. 

Q: How have you found the added benefits to being a Sugarlash Member?

A: The number one benefit of being a Sugarlash Member is knowing it’s a membership to help you succeed. Whatever you need, Sugarlash PRO is there to help. Giving opportunities and resources to maximize your full potential. 

Q: What colour of Plush + Oak bed are you getting for your space?

A: I am so grateful to choose ink for my Plush + Oak bed. I love classic black, and am looking forward to placing my order for the matching pillow! 

Q: What are your goals for the next 12 months for your business and how will Sugarlash PRO help you achieve them?

A: My goal for my business is to build my clientele and continue to expand my knowledge in every way, while my personal goal is to become an official educator for Sugarlash PRO. Sugarlash PRO offers a range of educational courses to benefit my knowledge. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.


 We only had ONE entry to this contest! Imagine spending $130 to win $5000 in prizes? 

It could have been YOU! 

But here comes another chance… 



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