In Our Sugarlash PRO Era

In Our Sugarlash PRO Era

Okay, maybe more like in our feels era, but you get the point. It’s been one heck of a decade and we are feeling every type of way about officially reaching double digits! 

For any business, reaching this milestone is an incredible achievement, and, for a business founded by a single mom who was just trying to figure out her way in the world, we’re pretty dang proud of everything we’ve accomplished and all the things we have planned! 

We are so excited to share and reflect on all our experiences with you, our fellow lash artists and beauty enthusiasts, who have accompanied us on this incredible ride.

Setting the Stage

The story of Sugarlash PRO began in Edmonton, AB, and it was fuelled by a passion for lashes and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In 2013, our founder and CEO, Courtney Buhler, had a vision of transforming the lash industry by providing top-quality products and education to lash artists worldwide. This passion laid the foundation for what was to become a driving force in the lash extension business.

From lash artist, to salon owner, to lash supplier shipping orders out from her basement, Courtney made strides in the industry that no one else had yet to think of or achieve! 

An Unforgettable Milestone

From Edmonton, we expanded globally, reaching clients in all parts of the world from the US, to Mexico, to Australia, and countless countries across Europe and Asia! 

One of the defining moments in our journey came when Sugarlash PRO secured a brand deal with ULTA Beauty. This partnership was a testament to the quality and innovation that had become synonymous with our brand. As our products adorned the shelves of ULTA stores, we saw a surge in visibility and credibility within the beauty space. The partnership not only opened new doors but also reaffirmed our commitment to delivering excellence.

Thank you, ULTA, for giving us the opportunity to tell you why we’re the best for your shelves! 

Leading the Way

In the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty industry, adaptation is key. Recognizing this, Sugarlash PRO made a groundbreaking move by being the first lash supplier and educator to offer online courses and certification. We launched one of the first Classic lash courses wholly online (yes, we offered online education before the scary C-word forced everyone to shift to online learning!). We also launched one of the first business accelerator courses that teaches lash artists how to market their business, how to run their business, and how to ensure long term success in the industry.

This trailblazing step was driven by the desire to make education accessible to aspiring lash artists worldwide or those who couldn’t commit or afford to attend a weekend or week long lash course where your education was treated more like a number than an investment in your career. By breaking down barriers of distance and time, we empowered countless individuals to pursue their careers in the lash extension world. 

Empowering Lash Artists 

At the heart of Sugarlash PRO's journey lies our unwavering commitment to empowering lash artists with the best supplies and education. Our product line has been meticulously curated and continually refined to ensure that only the best reaches our customers. From lashes and adhesives to tools and aftercare, each item undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing exceptional results for artists and clients alike.

Our educational offerings stand as a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement. We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of any thriving industry, and our expert-led courses are designed to impart practical knowledge, innovative techniques, and invaluable insights. Over the years, we have witnessed how these courses have elevated the skills of lash artists, nurturing a community of professionals who take pride in their craft.

Building a Supportive Community: The Sugarlash PRO Family

Beyond being a supplier and educator, Sugarlash PRO has always sought to create a vibrant and supportive community. We understand that success is not just about individual growth but also about collective advancement. Through events, workshops, and online platforms, we have fostered a space where lash artists can connect, learn from each other, and celebrate their achievements.

The testimonials and success stories of our students and clients inspire us to continue pushing boundaries and innovating. Together, we have created a network that thrives on sharing knowledge and experiences, transforming the lash extension business into a united and progressive industry.

Setting the Standard

The recognition and trust that Sugarlash PRO has garnered over the years have solidified our position as the industry standard for lash supplies and education. This achievement was not attained overnight; it was the result of a decade-long dedication to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

As we stand at the forefront of the lash extension industry, we also recognize the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to upholding the highest standards, both in our products and our educational programs. This entails staying at the cutting edge of industry trends, embracing sustainability, and fostering inclusivity within the lash community.

The Future of Lash Extensions

The past ten years have been a testament to Sugarlash PRO's determination to excel, and as we move into the future, our passion remains undiminished. We are eager to continue leading the way, exploring new territories, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the lash extension industry.

Our focus on education will remain paramount, as we believe that knowledge empowers individuals and elevates the industry as a whole. Embracing innovation and technology will enable us to reach even more aspiring lash artists and revolutionize the way they learn and grow.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

In conclusion, the last ten years have been a remarkable journey for Sugarlash PRO. From forging a partnership with ULTA Beauty to pioneering online education and becoming the industry standard, every step has been guided by our passion for lashes and a commitment to empowering lash artists.

All this wouldn’t have come to fruition without the hard work and dedication of all our team members, clients, and partners who believed in a world where lash extensions and lash artistry deserved to be not only accessible, but maintain the same quality standard as any mainstream beauty product. Words can’t express our gratitude to the lash artists and beauty community for their unwavering support. We also look forward to the next ten years and beyond, where we hope to continue making a positive impact in the lives of lash artists worldwide. Together, let's shape the future of the lash extension business and celebrate the artistry, passion, and camaraderie that define our industry.

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