How to be High Maintenance to be Low Maintenance

How to be High Maintenance to be Low Maintenance

You’ve probably started a conversation with “Oh, I read this somewhere…”

Girl, we know it was a TikTok. 

And say what you will about the doomed fate of the next generations’ attention span, but one TikTok trend we can absolutely get on board with is high maintenance to be low maintenance routines that are flooding our FYP. We all know that feeling when you're running late, desperately trying to apply mascara without poking your eye out, only to end up with clumpy spider legs. Well, it's time to bid adieu to that struggle and embrace the high maintenance lifestyle..

What does it mean to be High Maintenance to be Low Maintenance?

It might sound a little backwards, but hear us out! This trend is all about romanticizing your life, prioritizing the things that make you feel (and look) your best, and save time in the long run! 

So what are some things you can add to your self care and wellness routines to be a low maintenance girlie? Here’s a few examples:

Eyelash Lift and Tint 

It’s time to ditch the clumpy mascara that, no matter how good it is, kind of looks like spider legs, and invest in this semi-permanent service. It lasts for on average 6-8 weeks and can really elevate your look without making it look like you’ve spent hours getting ready.  

Eyebrow Lamination

Again, ditch the product that feels like you’re using a glue stick to push your brow hairs up every morning and invest in a brow lamination! The results are semi-permanent and are guaranteed to make you look effortless

Eyelash Extensions

You probably saw this one coming, but it’s not a secret that eyelash extensions have been the foundation for high maintenance to be low maintenance girlies since lash extensions became more popular. These can be customized to your individual style and eye shape, making it the OG service to invest in! 

Some other examples we’ve seen:

  • Simple Manicures - think the widely popular glazed donut nails. Your hands are often an extension of your personality, so having well-maintained nails can elevate your overall appearance for that effortless, clean look. 
  • Easy to maintain hairstyles - lots of girlies on Tiktok have opted out of bleaching their hair and embraced their natural color for a low maintenance vibe. While bold hair transformations can be tempting, opting for easy-to-maintain hairstyles can save you time and effort in the long run. After all, the upkeep of bleached hair can be almost too high maintenance to be low maintenance. Embrace your natural hair color and find a haircut that suits your face shape and lifestyle. By embracing your natural beauty, you can effortlessly rock a low maintenance vibe and still look fabulous. But as always, if vibrant hair or bleach blonde locks are what make you feel beautiful and confident, that’s all that matters! It’s your routine to decide! 
  • Laser hair removal - ditch the razors and invest in this “high maintenance” treatment. Over time, you’ll notice less and less hairs will be growing back after every visit! While it might seem high maintenance at first, this treatment offers long-term benefits, leading to reduced hair growth over time. With each visit, you'll notice fewer hairs returning, leaving you with smooth skin and a simplified grooming routine. Of course, the everything shower is still a treasured ritual, even with laser hair removal, so don’t worry about losing that valuable time! 
  • Skincare routine - Confidence is the key to nailing any beauty routine. One way to achieve this is by investing in a skincare routine that works for your skin type. Whether it’s a 3-step or 10-step routine, investing in quality skincare and becoming confident in your skin without makeup is key to looking like a low maintenance queen. And don’t forget your daily SPF! 
  • Botox or fillers - yes, we said it. But if you find yourself analyzing and pulling at every wrinkle and crease on your face, then maybe it’s time to bring in the extra backup and book a consultation. While makeup can cover up fine lines and wrinkles, addressing them at their root might be a better option for a truly low maintenance lifestyle. If you find yourself frequently analyzing and fretting over facial imperfections, consider booking a consultation for botox or fillers. These treatments can provide a subtle enhancement, leaving you looking refreshed and self-assured.

The advent of social media platforms like TikTok has introduced various trends, some frivolous and some genuinely beneficial. Among these, the high maintenance to be low maintenance trend has caught the attention of many, and for a good reason. This concept encourages us to prioritize self-care and wellness routines that not only make us look our best but also save time in the long run. 

Low maintenance is essentially a code word for “effortless and confident” and a great reason to spoil yourself with a regular facial or a massage! With trends like “girl dinner” and “romanticizing your life”, alongside TikTokers like Alix Earle, who embody a seemingly effortless and relatable lifestyle we know there has to be more to it than the makeup she’s wearing. It’s the routine! We think it’s safe to say that it’s time for the girls to shine and prioritize themselves and what makes them happy. By making a few strategic choices, you can live that effortlessly beautiful vibe without spending hours in front of the mirror. Remember, it's all about finding that balance between putting in a little effort upfront and enjoying the benefits of a simplified routine in the long run. So go ahead, embrace this trend, and let your effortlessly beautiful self shine through!

The high maintenance to be low maintenance trend is all about embracing self-care and investing in yourself, leading to an effortlessly beautiful and confident you. By incorporating practices such as eyelash lift and tint, eyebrow lamination, eyelash extensions, simple manicures, easy-to-maintain hairstyles, quality skincare, laser hair removal, and, if desired, botox or fillers, you can achieve a low maintenance lifestyle without compromising on your appearance.

So, schedule that self-care day, dedicate time every month to focus on yourself, and let your high maintenance efforts shine through, allowing you to enjoy a simplified, effortlessly fabulous routine every day. Remember, embracing your own beauty and pampering yourself isn't just a trend; it's a way to celebrate yourself and prioritize your well-being. So go ahead and enjoy being the best version of yourself, effortlessly.

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