How to use pre-made volume fans. VOLXFANS are here to change the game.

How to use pre-made volume fans. VOLXFANS are here to change the game.

There’s a saying around our company… if you’re not first to market, you need to be BEST in market. This is the strategy we took with pre-made fans and we are beyond happy to announce that our pre-made volume fans are finally here!

If you’ve tried pre-made volume fans before — we can guarantee you haven’t tried fans like ours.

VOLxFANS Highlights:

1. Price
For years, artists had to choose between profit margin and speed. If they wanted to use pre-made volume fans, often times it would add $5-7 per set meaning artists made less. Well — not anymore! Our pre-made volume fans cost 0.03 cents per fan, meaning your profit margin stays the same for your volume service, but you speed up your volume appointments by 30-60 minutes!
Volume pricing at the Classic time frame.

2. Extra adhesive at the base
No one likes double dipping. Previous pre-made fans in the market had an extra adhesive coating at the base, meaning once dipped they were inherently heavy. Extra weight on natural lashes = decreased retention and possibility of damage.
We worked tirelessly to develop a patented technology that solves this issue! VOLxFANS have no extra bulk at the base and are ultra-lightweight!

3. Curl Assortment
Previously, artists could only choose from C, CC, and D curls for pre-made fans. We wanted to change that. We believe pre-mades should be offered in all curls. VOLxFANS come in C, CC, D, L, and M curls!

4. Width options
The beauty of pro-making (making fans by hand during each appointment) was that we could make fans narrower or wider based on the client’s needs. We deeply agree that width of fans is not a one size fits all product. With this in mind, we have developed both standard, and narrow fan widths!

5. Secure bases
The only joy of using pre-mades is…well, they’re PRE-made! When we tested pre-made fans at the beginning of development we quickly saw issues with how the fans pick up off the strip. We went to work to solve this issue and developed our own technology to ensure bases stay secured upon pick up and never fall apart!

To say we feel we have changed the pre-made volume fan game is an understatement. We know that these lashes will allow artists to shave down serious time for their volume appointments, will allow classic artists to offer volume lashes with no additional training, and will save you a lot of strain pro-making your fans! But hey — if you’re into the artistry of hand making we have lashes to support you there too!

Ready to jump in? Shop VOLxFANS now and find your fit!

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