VOLXFANS by the numbers

VOLXFANS by the numbers

There’s a new tool in town, and they’re all about efficiency in your business — shaving down appointment times and maximizing your dollar per hour rates!


Introducing VOLXFANS. Your new weapon to increase your revenue by up to $100k per year! Yes — you heard that correctly.


We all know that time is money. Whether you’re a solo artist or a salon owner — if your books are full you have 3 options when it comes to business growth and revenue expansion:

  1. Hire more staff to handle more appointments
  2. Raise prices

Or what we’ll be discussing today… optimizing TIME.


Hand-made volume fans are an incredible tool for artists to have in their arsenal. Handmade fans give artists the ability to fully customize fan spacing, on a lash by lash basis. The great volume artists also work on their craft to ensure hand-making fans don’t take forever to make. But the fact remains — hand making fans in a salon setting takes time and really can’t be done well in an appointment time of less than 2.5 hours.


(Want to learn how to master the art of hand-made volume lashes? Course here!)


But — what if we told you that VOLXFANS could save you an hour off of your volume sets? Not only that, but they come in the widest assortment of curls (B, C, CC, D, L, and M curls), diameters (0.03, 0.05, 0.07, and 0.10) and different tip widths (standard and narrow). What if we told you that you would have the SAME ability of customizing artistry in easy to use pre-made fans that come off the strip perfectly — every time.



Let’s dig into how using VOLXFANS impacts your revenue per hour:

Full set handmade fans:
Time = 2.5h (150 mins)
Service price = $215
Revenue per hour: $86
Full set VOLXFANS:
Time = 1.5h (90 mins)
Service price = $215

Revenue per hour: $143


Of course the above model illustrates a full year of full sets only which isn’t the most accurate for businesses that will be sure to get repeat business and have fill appointments. But — the increase in revenue with the appointment time decrease applies to fills as well!


What other ways do VOLXFANS boost revenue?

Well — if you are taking the path of hiring staff and training them, with VOLXFANS classically trained artists can implement volume techniques with no additional training!

Secondly, it allows you to have more control of the results being produced by your team!


If you’re ready to jump into the world of VOLXFANS use code: VOLx10 for your first order (limit: one per customer, so make it count!).



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