Lift Adhesive

5ml with wand
Lift Adhesive (5ml) with wand

Lift Adhesive

5ml with wand
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The Lash Lift 360° Adhesive is used to adhere lash lift shields onto the eyelid, as well as to help hold natural lashes onto the shield during the lash lifting process. This adhesive contains no cyanoacrylate and is very gentle .

+ Size: 5ml

Store at room temperature.

Brush the Lash Lift 360° Adhesive onto the back of your desired shield, and press shield into place on your client’s eyelid. Once adhered, brush adhesive onto the front of the shield and adhere natural lashes in place.

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What do you charge for this service? 

We recommend charging around $80 for a Lash Lift, and $30-40 for each additional add-on service, but you can certainly charge what you feel is fair market value in your area.

Does Sugarlash PRO sell tint? 

We will soon! Check back on our website over the coming weeks! Until then, our Lash Lift 360° Online Course does show you options as to when you could apply tint during the course of a lash lift service. At this point, if you are wanting to add the tint to the service, you may source your own line of tint to use.

What if I don't want to tint lashes with the Lash Lift procedure? 

Simply go from applying SET right to applying NOURISH to release the shields,  skipping the tinting step entirely. Please note that if you choose to apply PLUMP, you should skip NOURISH. 

How long should I advertise a Lash Lift 360° lash lift to last for? 

An incredible 8-12 weeks!