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Lash Box

We know that keeping your lash business fully stocked can be challenging and time consuming. There are essentials each lash artist needs on a regular basis, and others that only need to be ordered once in a while. Introducing a new, easy way to keep your base lash supplies in stock at all times: Lash Box Auto-Ship Program. 

Lash Box is a fully customizable program that you can build to suit your needs. Instead of clicking "add to cart' (for a one-time purchase), click "add to lash box" to add the item to your auto-ship program. Then, set how often you'd like your box to ship (every 4, 6, or 8 weeks). 

You'll get an email a few days before your scheduled Lash Box shipment that will let you add additional items to your order if you need! 

Not sure what to throw in your Lash Box? Schedule an appointment with our Customer Concierge who can look at your order history and make suggestions, and find out your unique business needs! (we also need a page for this... to schedule an appointment with sales... maybe it should be siobhan opposed to Darien as it will be more sales driven opposed to customer service and will be longer appointments so the main phone cant be tied up??). I'll leave to you Ang/Siobhan to figure.