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High Profile | @yuellashbeauty

From San Francisco, CA, Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador, Yuel Lash Beauty — pronounced Jew-Elle —  grabbed our attention for the month of May. A certified lash artist obsessed with beauty, Yuel delivers stunning results! One look and you can see why!

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Lash Extension Myths BUSTED!

Courtney Buhler is someone who has not only made an incredible living in the lash industry, but has helped thousands upon thousands of women feel their best with lash extensions, so it's important to her that the record is set straight on the top myths in our industry. These myths have been perpetuated by media, and unfortunately make many potential customers nervous. But, have no fear - she's here to  bust these myths wide open!

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Ask the Educators: What's Your Fave Sugarlash PRO™ Product?

Tweezers, and lashes, and Pearl Secure Adhesive Rings… like any lash artist, these are definitely a few of our favourite things. Our LashPRO Educators are lash experts and self-proclaimed product junkies, so we had them tell us their go-to Sugarlash PRO™ product — and break down why they like it!

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Stuck in a Lash Business Rut? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Out

Being a lash artist is synonymous with being a business owner. And like any entrepreneur, sometimes your venture can get into a rut. LashPRO Educators Crystal Harvey, the owner and operator of Halifax’s Scotia Lash Inc., and Sadie Welder, the woman behind Lashionista Lash Lounge in Vancouver, are veteran bosses who know the ups and downs of ownership — and who better to give you advice on elevating your business than the experts themselves? Here are their top 5 ways to kick things back in gear when business is down:

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Ask the Educator: What's YOUR Favourite Lash Style (Part 1)

There are as many possible lash looks out there as there are people with lashes (so, literally BILLIONS of styles!) But every lash artist has a favourite, whether it’s the look of the style itself, or the work that goes into creating it. We rounded up our LashPRO Educators and asked them their fave lash looks!

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