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High Profile | @yuellashbeauty

From San Francisco, CA, Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador, Yuel Lash Beauty — pronounced Jew-Elle —  grabbed our attention for the month of May. A certified lash artist obsessed with beauty, Yuel delivers stunning results! One look and you can see why!

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8 Tips for Stronger Extension Bonds!

We all want the same thing: happy clients, a great reputation for our business, and a booming clientele. This is why making sure you have optimal lash retention is the single most important factor in your eyelash extension business!

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Q & A: Keep Your Clients Coming Back!

This week our question comes from Shelley in Toronto, Ontario. She writes “Hey Courtney! I’ve been lashing for just over a year and I am quite booked but I am concerned that I don’t have enough fill appointments

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