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High Profile | @yuellashbeauty

From San Francisco, CA, Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador, Yuel Lash Beauty — pronounced Jew-Elle —  grabbed our attention for the month of May. A certified lash artist obsessed with beauty, Yuel delivers stunning results! One look and you can see why!

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The Lashes You Use Say A Lot About You

You’re a skilled lash artist doing quality lash applications. You turn away women wanting a cheap lash provider and cluster lashes as opposed to your kick-ass individual lashes, and you think to yourself “good lashes aren’t cheap, and cheap lashes aren’t good.” You’re right, and we agree!

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Your 2017 LashPRO Artists of the Year

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work for the 2017 Lash PRO Artist of the Year competition! We are amazed at the thought and creativity that this year's applicant's put into bringing "Her Story" to life. Thank you to all who inspired us with their characters, and a HUGE congratulations to our winners!  

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