Space Out. Light Up.

Space Out. Light Up.

You’ve got the perfect bed, the comfy chairs, the ideal lash bar cart, and the cutest decor.

Your lash space is totally decked out. Or is it?

For many lash artists, the most overlooked aspect of a lash space is lighting — and it’s one of the most crucial tools for any lash service. You can be forgiven for underestimating its power — you probably feel you can see just fine with the overhead ceiling lighting you have, and in any case, your clients’ eyes are closed for the entire appointment.

But there are a lot of times in a lash artist’s day when good lighting becomes their superpower, from applying extensions, to creating the perfect glow when photographing your lash sets. Good lighting often comes at a higher cost, extend the life of your lightbulbs three or four times longer than average — it all comes from knowing what types of lamps and light bulbs are right for your lash space. We talked to our Product Development Director, Siobhan Waldron, to get the scoop.

What features should lash artists look for when it comes to “the right light”?

I would definitely recommend a lamp which uses daylight lighting. There are a lot of benefits, from giving the kind of clarity needed for detailed work like lashing, to helping reduce strain on the eyes. With Sugarlash PRO’s new LashPRO DUO lamp, I wanted to make sure it surpassed 5000K (the minimum I would recommend for daylight settings) and developed a 5600K HD lamp with lots of extra light bulbs for maximum shine.

Do all lamps have similar features?

No they definitely don’t! Lash beds are smaller than regular beds and are low so that lash artists can sit and work on their clients comfortably. You need to find the right lamps to manoeuvre around this area. That’s why I made sure the LashPRO RING had an adjustable height as well a lever that allows the lash artist to bend the ring light head to shine directly over the client. With LashPRO DUO, we developed longer arms for each light piece so that it could comfortably reach around to shine on either side of a lash bed, perfectly illuminating the client’s face without any shadowing.

What should lash artists be aware of when purchasing a professional lamp?

Remember that you will be using your lamp for a lot of functions — as general lighting that looks good in your space, targeted lighting while lashing, as well as the all-important pictures for social media! The best thing is to buy a multi-functional lamp that’s also easy to transport so that you move it around your space.

We made sure both LashPRO RING and DUO both have a sleek, back design so that they look great in any space. We also wanted to make sure they were both very lightweight and compact when disassembled, with sturdy carrying cases that could just be slung over a shoulder.

When I was looking at other ring lights while researching how to create ours, I noticed that most lights that advertised adjustable tones actually required changing filters, whereas LashPRO RING was developed to be one solid piece with tone changes that come from the bulbs themselves — basically, no need to swap out any separate pieces! I also found that many didn’t come with a mirror AND a holder designed specifically for smartphones — so of course, ours has both! Since it’s got everything taking before and after selfies, it elevates your social media game a TON.

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