Keep An Eye on Your Goals | An Outline from Student to Entrepreneur

Keep An Eye on Your Goals | An Outline from Student to Entrepreneur


The world of Eyelash extensions is an exciting and growing industry, growing rapidly in popularity. Starting out in any industry as a newbie can be a little daunting, and becoming an established lash technician is no different. There is no “one secret” to being successful — rather, it’s a sequence of practice and perseverance.

Education & Practice is top of the list. Choosing where to invest in your education is paramount.  So how do you choose who you would like to learn from?

Look for Experience & Quality.

The company you choose to invest with should be known as industry leaders and experts in their field. They should strive to raise the bar in the industry & practice flawless work, quality products, safe application, product knowledge & extensive knowledge on how to become a successful business owner.


If you want to be the best - you’ve got to learn from the best!

 After completing your course, the first few weeks are the most important - especially regarding application. Most people first starting out have never held a tweezer before, so it’s good to start practicing the very next day after your course and every day thereafter. This will ensure that you remember the correct way to hold your tweezers, where to place your hands and how to apply safely.

Profit shouldn't be part of the equation at this stage. Think of this stage as an investment - even if your are working for free for the first two weeks it will benefit you tremendously in the long term. Practice. Practice. Practice.


How do you start?

Advertise! Post on your local Facebook groups that you are  just starting out & looking at improving speed/application. Offer sets that cover only your materials not your time.  Doing at least 2-3 full sets a day for the first 2 weeks is a great start. Each set you do you will improve so the more the better!

This is what your business EXPERIENCE model might look like for the first two years.


Day 1 - 30  

Practice. Getting your name out there. Experiential learning.  


Month 2 - 4

Introductory price/offer. Increase exposure. Honing your skills.


Month 5 - 8

Intro price ends, regular pricing begins. Repeat clients gained.


1 year

Price increase. Skills improved dramatically. Solid client base.  


2 years  

You’ve come a long way from day 1, and have been exposed to many different eye shapes. Your application is nearly flawless, you can up your skill at this stage to learn new techniques, and expand your business!


As you continue to grow as a lash artist and business owner, you will always encounter new challenges - this is GROWTH!  To manage this effectively, one should always network with industry leaders and continuing education. There’s no such thing as wasted knowledge, particularly as the industry is continually evolving and changing.


Grace Hanna is a Sugarlash Pro Squad Member representing out of Australia. Her lash goal is to continue sharing her knowledge and become a Lash Educator.

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