Introducing The Lash Lift Collective

Introducing The Lash Lift Collective

Introducing The Lash Lift Collective from Sugarlash Pro. I’d refer to this course as an upgrade but that would be a big understatement. With 16 modules, a 52-page course manual, and an added live certification call, the Lash Lift Collective stays in tune with what we’ve come to expect from Sugarlash Pro and surpasses any peers and industry standards. So what exactly sets this course apart from the rest? Let me indulge you.

The Lash Lift Collective is broken up into 8 comprehensive sections, Lash Lift Process and Waivers, Eye Theory and Sanitary Practices, Determining Shield Size, Hair Thickness and Length, Lash Lift Procedures, Aftercare, and Troubleshooting, Wrap up, Lash Lift Exam and Lash Lift Certification Requirements. After sections 1-5, students must complete a mini quiz before moving on with section 7 being the final exam.  During these sections, students will learn how to perform a consultation, determine if this procedure is right for their clients, perform a lash lift including how to use the newly formulated step 2 and tint together to save time and money, educate their client on lash health and aftercare and offer a customizable lash lift menu including the Bottom Lift, Tint, Plump and Glaze for a total of 3 possible certifications: Lash Lift, Bottom Lift and Tint, Plump and Glaze.

The Lash Collective sets students up for success not only by providing all the information and skills required to feel confident while performing this service on clients but also by supporting students throughout and after the course. Students will be able to join the private Sugarlash Pro Alumni Lash Lift group on Facebook where they can receive continued support by connecting with Sugarlash Pro Educators and Peers to troubleshoot and network.

Sugarlash Pro’s mission has always been about going beyond industry standards, providing lash education from some of the industry's most skilled artists and business owners, respecting our students by having certification be earned not bought and providing a sisterhood of support and The Lash Lift Collective is no exception.

The future of Lash Lifts is here and the future of Lash Lifts is The Lash Lift Collective.

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