How to Start a Lash Business From Home

How to Start a Lash Business From Home

The lash extension industry is busting down expectations everywhere, pushing toward becoming a $1 billion industry. Don't you want to get in on that action?

You can. Lash extension businesses are a great option to open from your home that permits safety and flexibility other jobs might not.

If you're already trained in lash extensions or looking to get trained on extension application or lash lifts, consider being your own boss by starting a lash business from home.

Start a lash business from home

Lash Extension & Lash Lift Training

So you want to become a lash extension or lash lift specialist? It does take a little bit of studying and practice to be able to go it on your own, but you'll learn awesome things in training that help you in starting a lash business. 

Verify what certifications your local laws require for someone to do lash extensions. Typically, a lash extension specialist starts out as an esthetician or cosmetologist. After these certifications, you can take a course on eyelash training specifically.

During the course, you will learn about applying extensions, bonding tips and tricks, contagious eye diseases, allergic reactions, and how to keep both themselves and customers safe. 

SugarlashPro Academy

At the LashPro Academy, we make it possible to get training easily. Our hands-on training lets you work with an industry pro to learn style, theory, and help plan your business.

We also offer self-paced online courses. These video module courses follow our in-person curriculum so you get the same great education that will launch your lash business on your own schedule.

Some of our courses include: 

  • The Classic Course Online
  • Lashstyle course
  • Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions 
  • and more!

Tips for Starting a Home-Based Lash Business

Once you have the right qualifications, it's exciting to jump right in and get started. However, following some trusted tips and tricks should help make your business a success from the very beginning.

Follow these tips to make smart choices with your lash extension business.

How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started?

If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. Every good business starts with a business plan. In your business plan, you should outline your realistic goals for six months to a year from when you start.

Explain exactly how you will reach these goals. For example, how many customers do you want to have and how will you reach them at first? Set achievable goals and have an action plan to reach them. You may need a business plan to apply for a loan, so get started sooner than later.

Are You Complying with Local Laws?

This means you need to understand and comply with all local ordinances about home businesses and certifications required for beauty professionals.

These laws will most likely be in place to protect the health of your clients, so compliance is important.

How's Your Bookkeeping?

If this is the first time you will own your own business, you're going to need to keep up on bookkeeping. 

Are you ready to calculate profit and expenses? How about taxes, which will likely be due on a quarterly basis now that you work for yourself?

How much do you need to pay yourself per hour to survive? Treat yourself like an employee and make sure your salary comes out of your slush of profits and losses.


Have you thought about marketing yourself yet? Social media—especially sites that are image-centric like Instagram—is a perfect, inexpensive way to get your work out there.

The beauty community and industry rely on great reviews as well. Digitize your positive word of mouth by adding your business to Google or Facebook and asking your happy customers for reviews.

It's ok to start off with just your friends and family, but remember to let yourself have a long-term vision for your lash business from home.

Be a Professional

Part of marketing is marketing yourself as a professional. Setting up some social media, an inexpensive website, and business-specific contact information like an email or phone number, all go a long way toward the appearance of legitimacy.

None of these steps have to be expensive. You can use Facebook as a free website for now. Snag a free phone number on Google Voice. Choose a name that is memorable and business-like.

By making strategic, professional-feeling moves, you gain trust in your audience of potential clients.

Bank Smart

It's tempting to let your payments just go into your own checking account, but this will be a nightmare as your business expands. Do future-you a favor by setting up a bank account or online payment client for just your business.

Not only will this make bookkeeping simpler, but it will also be a major advantage come tax time to have your business deposits and withdrawals separate from all of your other money moves.

Start Small

Your business in its first week may not look exactly like the business you envision—yet. It's best to start with the basics, break even (or turn a profit!), and then move on to your next step.

You'll want to have a space where your customers can recline or layback. Install some excellent lighting for your own benefit. Get some storage that will help keep things organized.

Follow sanitation tactics taught in your class. If you're able to have a sink or sanitizer in your space, clients will appreciate seeing you wash your hands or tools.

By being creative and thrifty you can make a lux-feeling space on a budget.

Get Professional Support Starting a Lash Business from Home

As the world moves toward more work-from-home jobs and business options, now is a great time for starting a lash business from home. Get the support you need to get started with Sugarlash PRO Academy.

You get all the tricks of the trade to make your home-based lash business a success. Plus, access the supplies that can stock your business right from the beginning, to be ordered from

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