Valentine’s Day is HERE. You ready to step out for some romantic fun? If you’re still in the dark about the right look for tonight, we’ve rounded up some more expert opinions on the makeup and lash styles to bust out for your big date!

Sadie Welder, LashPRO Educator

“I’d definitely go with a textured lash set. They’re fun and flirty, so it sends the perfect date night vibe. And you can never go wrong with a red lip. I mean a TRUE red — Chanel’s Coco Rouge is my pick!”


Samantha Taylor, LashPRO Educator

“Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try something a bit more flirty. Go full sultry and wing it out!


Kristen Ann Wade, LashPRO Educator

“I’m a huge fan of a simpler and not overly done look. For makeup, I’d go with a light coverage, dewy foundation, a delicate blush, and very light contouring and highlighting. As for lashes, I love a flirty textured set for this look!”


Courtney Buhler, Sugarlash PRO CEO & Founder

“Go full classic hollywood! I’m thinking Marilyn Monroe — straighter lashes that are less curled and lifted, but still dense, styled in a slight cat eye! I’d pair that with a rich, red lip.”

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