Textured Eyelash Extensions. Breaking Ground.

Textured Eyelash Extensions. Breaking Ground.
Okay, this post is about to get a bit technical... BUT if you're a lash nerd like me, this just might be the coolest email you've gotten in a while! Grab a latte, because I have a latte information to share with you... (see what I did there?)

Sugarlash has been around just over 2.5 years now, and we have kept the secret of our lashes to ourselves. 
Why they are softer than other brands
How they seem to grab so much faster to the natural lash
How our lashes improve retention on your clients all over the world

Well, it's time to spill the beans.

Our lashes are TEXTURED. No smooth PBT here. Just like a natural eyelash which has cuticles and is a rough surface, Sugarlash PBT is etched/porous along it's surface JUST like a natural lash!

What does this mean for YOU?
-deeper bonding power
-more flexibility
-increased "grab"
-increased speed

And get this... You can't get our PBT anywhere else! We worked directly with our lash manufacturer, and raw PBT supplier to have this PBT made to our specifications, and wejust secured proprietary rights to this PBT type making it exclusively ours. We're GLOWING! 

Let's get deeper...
Did you know different types of cyanoacrylate (the main component of lash adhesive) work in different ways? Some adhesive is meant to adhere two smooth objects together, while others are meant to adhere one smooth surface to one textured surface. Our adhesives are designed to adhere two textured surfaces together for optimal bonding. 

What is going to hold better? 
A smooth lash surface that is being adhered to something textured or two equally textured surfaces that have adhesive secured deeper between them by being etched and porous?
It's a no brainer. 

Sugarlash Lashes + Adhesive grip better, secure a deeper bond, and LAST LONGER on your clients! 

If you've loved our lashes for a long time, now you know why! If you haven't tried our lashes yet... well, you may just wanna pick some up! 

To lashinity and beyond! 
Love, your nerdy lash lady,

Courtney Buhler

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