Meet your match in our NEW adhesive lineup!

Meet your match in our NEW adhesive lineup!

For two years, we haven’t touched our adhesives. Why? We created them to be the industry’s very best — at the time. But today we’re proud to introduce Bond Noir, our most advanced eyelash adhesive yet, to our lineup, which includes our cult classic Signature Bond (formerly Elite Bond) and Naked Bond — and ALL of them have a sleek new look, while still retaining the industry-best quality you’ve come to know. 

But the truth is that no lash extension adhesive is one-size-fits-all, and your experience with any adhesive has more to do with your environment, your clients, and your skills than with the adhesive itself. So instead of telling you which bond from our lineup is best, we’re going to help you pick the potion that’s best for you!

ADHESIVE: Signature Bond

There’s a reason why people LOVED Elite Bond — with a wide optimal RH range (20-75%), it worked well in all types of climates and particularly useful during the changing seasons. Since its popularity made it one of the industry’s main standbys, we decided to make it our signature

IDEAL FOR: Variable environments and lash artists of all skill levels

Signature Bond is perfect for lash artists who work in inconsistent environments, who live in unpredictable climates, and for lash artists who travel. Plus, its thicker viscosity means it wicks less, making it friendlier for volume lashing. In fact, because of its forgiving nature, it works wonderfully for both beginner and advanced lash artists. 


When it comes to products, the main goal at Sugarlash PRO is innovation. And although we already had a high-performing adhesive line for two years, we knew we could do better — and voila, Bond Noir was born! Our newest adhesive is also our fastest and strongest, with a virtually instantaneous, faster-than-you-can-blink dry time of 0.5 seconds and retention for up to 8 weeks, making it the most advanced adhesive we’ve ever developed.

IDEAL FOR: Advanced lash artists 

While its incredible flexibility and major hold time make it desirable for all lash artists, Bond Noir works fast — which means the lash artist who wields it needs to be even faster. If you’re just starting out, Bond Noir might not be as forgiving as other adhesives. It is, however, perfect for experienced lash artists. 

ADHESIVE: Naked Bond

On paper, Naked Bond looks a lot like our other adhesives: same strong hold, similar 45-55% RH range, same low fumes, fast 1-2 second dry time. The difference? It’s clear! Naked Bond doesn’t contain the carbon black ingredient that darkens our other adhesives, making it great for sets with lighter or colored lashes. 

IDEAL FOR: Lash artists with sensitive clients

Some clients need a little extra TLC. And we’re not talking about your customer service! In some cases, the carbon black ingredient found in 99% of all lash adhesives can cause allergic reactions in clients who are extra sensitive. Naked Bond is the perfect answer to those situations, with a formula that’s gentle on reactive clients. 

In most cases, you’ll always want to switch adhesives for the right set or situation: Signature for when the seasons change, for example, or Naked for when you do a brightly colored lash set. With Sugarlash PRO’s new adhesive lineup, you’ll always be able to find the perfect bond for you. 

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