LashPRO Journal Guest Blog: Beyond Lashes

LashPRO Journal Guest Blog: Beyond Lashes

Look I may be biased - but I think as lash artists, we are in one the best industries in the world. There, I said it! Making people feel beautiful is incredibly rewarding on so many levels. What I am about to share with you is about more than just applying pretty little extensions to your client's lashes. It is about more than making your client feel beautiful, confident, and like they can take on any challenge in the world! 

Sometimes lash appointments aren't all about the lashes. Wait...what?! If you are wondering if you read that correctly - yes you did.   

Before I go ahead, you should already know this, but if you don’t please repeat after me:

“What you talk about with clients in your lash studio,
stays in your lash studio” 

You can make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed, by ensuring that they know it is a safe space to talk about anything, without fear of it leaving the lash bed.

Lash artist brushing client's lashes

For some clients, making time for an eyelash extension appointment isn’t always easy. But when they finally get to lay down on that lash bed, it is certainly a treat! That where you come in. Working your magic to make their life and lashes, just that much better. But your job goes beyond those lash extensions. As a lash artists, I believe that we are many different things to our clients. Whether you're an unofficial counsellor or therapist, life coach, the hype woman or man (who doesn't need one of those), a confidence booster, or educator (lashes or otherwise).

We have so many different types of clients walking through our doors but what are you - as a lash artist - known for? Sometimes our clients feel like they need to vent and make the most of their appointment to unload what is on in their mind. By simply listening you are doing so much to help your client feel better. Or we can take it a little further, and your client asks you for help or guidance. Will you be the lash artist that helps them take the next step towards their goals, or will you help to build their confidence up. Being a voice of encouragement to others and helping clients feel more confident makes them feel a little better and gives them that boost they may need, but it is also incredibly motivating to be the individual who is encouraging and lifting them up. 

I feel I can speak for all lash artists when I say that we love to see our clients happy with their gorgeous lashes, and what a bonus if we can help them in any other way whether it be big or small. Has there been a time where you’ve been more than just a lash artist to a client? Comment below to share your stories. 

XOXO, Ramona 



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