4 reasons you should study online

4 reasons you should study online

With the convenience of fitting into your already busy work schedule, and the added bonus of an education that starts (and ends!) in your favourite comfy chair, online training is the future of the lash industry. Students looking to becoming classically trained, or professionals wanting to advance their skill can do so without even leaving the house, and people with full-time jobs can move into a career they’re passionate about without taking time off work. Before planning the next move in your lash career, consider these benefits of online training:

It’s cost-effective.

Studying online means forfeiting the costs of travelling to another city—or in some cases another province or state—to take a course. With LashPRO Academy’s online courses, you can access your learning material from home, your favourite coffee shop, or anywhere else with a strong internet connection. You also save the cost of taking time off work to attend training. LashPRO Accelerator™ 2018 even comes with payment plan options, so you can break up the cost of tuition when you purchase the course before December 31st.

You can learn at your own pace.

With LashPRO Academy’s online Classic and Volume Courses, as well as LashPRO Accelerator™, you have access to your online video modules for life! So whether you’re a full-time lash artist, student, or are the proud owner of a hectic schedule, our online courses are designed to slide into your life whenever you have time for them. Rewind, pause, or put down the course entirely and pick it back up again when life allows it.

There’s a course for everyone.

LashPRO Academy’s online training is designed for new and experienced lash artists alike. Whether you’re brand new to lashing, or you’re a classic PRO looking to enhance your skill with advanced volume training, or lash lifting, we have an online course to fit your needs. Plus, with our 35-week business course, LashPRO Accelerator™, you can start or enhance your career with a holistic education that merges technical skill and business!

It’s convenient.

What could be better than setting yourself up for a profitable career in a comfy chair and sweat pants? Nothing, that’s what. With online training, you can study whenever, wherever you have a strong internet connection. And with your kit box and manual sent right to your door, you can complete your education without leaving the house! No fighting traffic to make it to class on time, no finding a babysitter, and no hassle.

With the launch of LashPRO Academy’s new online courses, your career is waiting for you in your living room. View the full lineup of online courses here and make your career goals a reality today!

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