Waiting 24 hours to get lash extensions wet? No WAY!

Waiting 24 hours to get lash extensions wet? No WAY!
If you’re still waiting 24-48 hours to get your lash extensions wet after application, then I must tell you - you’re living in the past my friend! Get on the wagon and start MISTING to force cure lashes!

MISTING did you say? As in mist? Moisture? Isn’t that what we are told to avoid? 
Well yes - but let’s dig a little deeper!


Adhesive is different than glue because it cures in contact with moisture. Curing means changing from a liquid state, to a solid state... Not actually drying like glue. It's important adhesive for lash extensions is strong and flexible to give a light feel with no tightness or heaviness on client's lashes. Adhesive for lash extensions is comprised mainly of the chief ingredient called cyanoacrylate. There are different types of cyanoacrylates including: ethyl, methyl, butyl, octyl and more. Different types of cyanoacrylates are designed for bonding to different surfaces. Sugarlash adhesives such as Candylash and Elite Adhesive are made from methyl-2 cyanoacrylate which is designed to bond a smooth surface (the eyelash extension) to a porous surface (the natural eyelash). Lash adhesive (methyl-2 cyanoacrylate) is designed to be used around the eyes and on the natural lashes, never touching the skin.


Since adhesive cures (hardens into a solid) by coming into contact with moisture, it's important to have your work station somewhat humid to aid the adhesive in setting up (grabbing the lash) initially. We recommend your lashing room by kept around 50-60% for Candylash Adhesive, and Elite Adhesive works well between 30-70% relative humidity (you can purchase a humidity gauge HERE). If humidity is too low, the adhesive will work slower. Whereas, if it's too high the adhesive will be speed up which may potentially be too quick to place in time for a good bond.


Controlling the bond and cure of your lash adhesive at the end of the appointment is now done in 30-seconds! Nano misters like our Lash Cure Mister hardens each bond of adhesive in 30 seconds, and soothes eyes after the appointment. This eliminates fumes of the lash adhesive before your client walks out the door! After a force cure, lash extensions can get wet right away which means no more waiting for yoga, work outs, showers, or washing! Another plus? Force curing greatly reduces sensitivities and allergic reactions by eliminating any fumed from the procedure immediately. 

So what are you waiting for? Mist away!

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