Top 5 Things You NEED to Tell Lash Clients

Top 5 Things You NEED to Tell Lash Clients

You buy the right products, and you work hard on your technique — it’s only natural that you want your clients to take care of their perfect sets! We talked to LashPRO Educators Crystal Harvey and Meghan Teichreb to find out the top 5 things they tell THEIR clients:

  1. Cleanser, cleanser, cleanser!

It’s not about just getting the lashes wet — tell your clients that the key to better retention is to properly wash their lashes with a good lash cleanser like LashPURE. Another good rule of thumb is to steer clear of anything that may run down into the eyes and cause you to rub them. 

  1. Put your back into those ZZZs

You can always tell which side people sleep on because they’ll have fewer lashes on that slide. How can clients avoid that? “Tell them to sleep on their back, if possible,” recommends Crystal. If that’s not feasible, she suggests using a silk pillowcase so that extensions don’t catch in the night. For Meghan, the solution is a 3D eye mask! 


“Clients should know to never touch their lashes with their fingers,” warns Meghan, “it’s the quickest way to retention issues!” In fact, rubbing and pulling can cause premature natural lash loss. Agrees Crystal, “I tell clients never to pick or pull their lashes. If they’re worried about how they look, use a brush to keep lashes fluffed!"

  1. Brush up on your lash grooming 

Speaking of brushing, it’s something that clients should do regularly. Says Meghan, “Brushing helps lashes avoid tangling and removes lashes that are ready to shed.” Giving your clients a great lash brush like a Silicone Brush or Mascara Wand and showing them how to use it properly can kick start that process. But make sure they only brush DRY lashes — never wet ones. 

  1. Pre-book those fill appointments

From nails, to hair, to brows, no beauty service is stellar without touch-ups. And when it comes to lashes, fill appointments are NECESSARY. Crystal always tells her appointments to rebook fills: “If you want to maintain beautiful lashes, you need regular appointments. Every 3 weeks is the average but some require sooner.” Agrees Meghan, “I always get clients to pre-book their fills approximately 3 weeks out.”

Yes, as a lash artist, it’s your job to create a beautiful set that suits your client’s face (and if you don’t know how to customize a lash look for every person you see, there’s a course for that!) But it’s worth remembering that your client has a role in maintaining their set too — and all they need is a little wisdom from you. 

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