Top 5 Reasons You Need Eyelash Extensions This Summer!

Top 5 Reasons You Need Eyelash Extensions This Summer!

When the cold months are away, it's definitely time to play, which means you need beauty solutions that work as hard as you play hard. When it comes to serving summer LEWKS, nothing leaves you ready for the beaches, clubs, patios, pools, and vacations like eyelash extensions! Here are our top 5 reasons you need lashes out when the sun's out:

1. Waterproof! 

No matter what your summer plans involve, you’ll look effortlessly polished and naturally beautiful with lash extensions. Lash extension wearers can enjoy the beach, pools, spas or humid festivals without fear of smudgy, flakey mascara!


2. Balance facial symmetry 

We are all for ANY lash service at Sugarlash PRO! Clients have great options like lash lifts, and classic, volume, mega volume lash extensions. Eyelash extensions however, are the only service that has the ability to balance facial symmetry and open the eyes further with expert shaping. Make sure you find a LashSTYLE-certified artist who has been trained in facial mapping! 


3. Styles are endless 

Lash extensions are more customizable than they ever have been in the industry’s history. New effects like spiked strip lash effects, smudged eyeliner effect, and perfect line volume effects are widespread and readily used by many providers! With over 845 variants of lash extensions (curls/types/diameters/thicknesses) carried by Sugarlash PRO and our artists, it’s safe to say you’re getting a customized set! 


4. They’ll outlast you. 

Summer is for making memories. However wild the night gets, your lashes are there for you through all the good nights — and even the questionable ones! Sweat-proof and cry-proof, lash extensions let you dance the night away — Sugarlash PRO has got your back! 


5. Sun protection

We aren’t condoning people using lash extensions instead of proper sunglasses for UV protection, but it’s science — the longer and thicker your lashes, the larger the shadow they cast over your eye balls! Hey — any excuse to improve your health, right?!


So find a reputable lash provider and enjoy the summer with lash extensions! 

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