Top 10 Lash Artists MUST HAVES

Top 10 Lash Artists MUST HAVES

Now that you’ve begun your lash career, or maybe you’re a seasoned professional, it can be overwhelming navigating through the variety of lash supplies and extras you can purchase. So we asked the PROs at Sugarlash what their MUST HAVES are when it comes to lashing and created this comprehensive list to guide you!

Supplies and Essentials


It can get stressful choosing your supplies! Sugarlash PRO sells kits that include everything you need to begin your lash career - or even if you need to stock up on some essentials - from tweezers to tape to lashes. Think of these as your one stop shop for all things lashes! Included are lashes, tweezers, tape, cleanser, primer, eye pads, mascara wands, and a few other goodies to kickstart your lash career! With all that said, we recommend always having plenty of the following on hand (you never want to be caught in a situation where you’re unprepared)

  • A backup set of your fave tweezers - In case you drop them or don’t have time to properly sterilize between clients, have a backup handy!
  • Front view lash mirror - Don’t pray for a perfect set, make sure you created one with a front view lash mirror! They’re also great to capture that Insta-worthy pic!
  • A variety of your most used lashes stocked - For beginners, we’d say C, CC, D curls are most popular, so have those curls handy! It’s also important to ensure you have silk (Runway), faux mink (Plush), and Flat lashes in each of these curls to accommodate your client’s lash goals.

SUGARLASH PRO TIP: We recommend using Mixed trays as they contain a variety of lengths in one tray which eliminates the need for reaching for multiple lash trays during the appointment.

  • Cleanser - Keep some Cleansing Base on your back bar and have some LashPure Cleanser out for clients to purchase and take home! We know the key formula for optimal retention is as follows: Primer + Adhesive + Cleanser = Long Lasting and Healthy Lashes.
  • Mascara wands - You can never have too many of these! Keep lots handy and stocked! Not only do you need them, so do your clients!
  • Adhesive wipes - A clean workstation is vital to success! Even though your client’s eyes will be closed, it will affect how much adhesive is dispensed if the nozzle is all goopy - which will affect the quality of your lash extensions.
  • Bio GelHydro Gel, or Gel Free Eye pads - You can’t lash if the bottom lashes are not secured! Again, you never want to be caught unprepared so make sure to reorder your eye pads regularly!
  • Paper Tape - Another lashing staple! Eye pads can slip, there could be excess skin on the eyelids, or perhaps you need to get creative because you ran out of eye pads. Whatever the case may be, keep a couple backups handy!
  • Disposable Workplace Covers - Keep these stocked for under your client’s head. This will keep your area sanitary.
  • Comfy clothes - A necessity when it comes to lashing! You could be sitting there anywhere from 2 to over 8 hours so it’s important to stay comfortable!


Some honourable mentions include: a ring light to capture all your lash sets, a rolling cart with plenty of drawers for all your supplies, decorative canisters to hold all your goodies, a stool with back support and an ergonomic saddle for optimal comfort! 

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