The 'Other' Adhesives - By Guest Editor Darien Pearce

The 'Other' Adhesives - By Guest Editor Darien Pearce


Hello to all you Sugarlash PRO Dolls, and if you’re new, welcome to the High Lash Society! My name is Darien, and I am the Customer Concierge here at Sugarlash PRO.

Now I know we're all big fans of the Elite and CandyLash adhesives, but I wanted to take some time to introduce two other great adhesive products in our collection:
Flawless Bond and Eyelight Clear. I want to shed some light on these adhesives, give them the attention they deserve and encourage you to experience something new and exciting! I will also be writing some of my personal tips and tricks that will answer questions I regularly get asked online and over the phone. 


First, a Little History and Science

Why do we use the adhesives we use?
Our Sugarlash PRO Boss Courtney carefully selected the eyelash extension glue we carry down to the last ingredient and we love her for it! She chose ingredients with low fumes, easy application and most importantly a strong bond. Sugarlash PRO can set you up with a killer line up of products so that you, the lash technicians, can perform your magic and apply a bomb set of lashes!

What do you see when you pick up your adhesive and look at the back, lash doll?
You will see that your little secret weapon has the word cyanoacrylate (CAs for short). These babies are little instant adhesive bonds that fix rapidly and cure at room temperature. They bond to a range of components, especially porous substrates (like our eyelashes!). When exposed to water, the CAs polymerize (combine + harden). The water neutralizes acidic stabilizers in the adhesive, initiating a rapid curing process in just seconds, leading to full fixture strength within 24 hours. That’s why we use our Lash-Cure Mister at the end of a service - to cure the adhesive bonds quickly.
CA’s are easy to use and automate, but are sporadically prone to blooming or frosting, which can manifest into an unappealing whitish haze. This happens when the CAs evaporate and fall back onto the lash line, therefore fanning your lashes throughout the appointment is very important.

After you open your adhesive, where do you put it?
Do not store your adhesives in the fridge next to your R
osé. Why? Refrigerating adhesives will cause any moisture inside your tube to condense and prematurely cure the adhesive. You don’t want the adhesive to cure until the extension is on the lash and you are good and ready for that bond!


The Flawless Bond Adhesive

The Flawless Bond is what I like to call our designer adhesive. Like your other favourite designer products, you need to take good care of her. In the same way that you might treat your Louboutins a little different then your Converse, you will do the same with your Flawless Bond adhesive. Our Elite/CandyLash adhesives do offer more forgiveness if you do not follow each adhesive rule carefully, but I would be so sad if you didn't get to experience how amazing the Flawless can really be! Our Flawless actually offers a magnetic technology, attracting the natural lash to the adhesive. A mini "wiggle" motion is produced upon application that gets adhesive deeper into the texture of the natural lash and extension for a better bond. In addition to this, it offers 1-2 second dry time for virtually instant grab. When applied correctly, it produces a thin, even application with a gorgeous black finish. I personally use the Flawless, and it works WONDERS for me.

Like all our adhesives, you really need to take humidity into account with your Flawless. She likes what she likes and she works best between 40-55% RH - don't worry if your Hygrometer gives you a different reading, there is a fix for that. These are modern times and every lash doll has the power to change her controlled workspace. You can invest in a humidifier or a de-humidifier, to cater to your client and your adhesives needs. The Flawless likes cool temperatures, she does NOT do well with temperatures over 23°C because she can become gummy. It's important that you make sure you're storing your Flawless correctly. We recommend storing all of our adhesives with a Silica pack or dry rice inside of an airtight container (I love to keep my Flawless in a Mason Jar with some uncooked rice).
After giving the Flawless a nice shake, you'll want to dispense a small pearl of the adhesive onto your Jade Stone (small beads work best, you wouldn’t empty a whole jar of La Mer onto your face, would you?). You also have the option of using the adhesive ring; I personally like this method as I find that it keeps the adhesive safe and away from even the moisture in the air. Just remember with Flawless adhesive, a little bit goes a long way!

Now before applying your new Flawless, remember what I said about those sticky CAs? They LOVE porous lashes. Make sure your client is setting you up for success. Does she have clean lashes for you to beautify? I tell clients to cleanse pre-service with our LashPure Cleanser. LashPure neutralizes the natural pH levels and is 100% natural - paraben and oil free. This is so important to do around your eyes. I love the LashPure Cleanser because I have gorgeous lashes after I cleanse; they fluff out 2 weeks in and I look like I got them done that day! This step will allow for the Flawless to adhere to the natural lash much better! Make sure you spread the word. A client who is using oily products might be jeopardizing their retention, and not even know it!


Eyelight Clear Adhesive

Next up we have our Eyelight Clear Adhesive. This is a new love for me. I started using the Eyelight when I had a client experience a bad reaction to another adhesive. Her eyes were itchy, red, and puffy! I told her we had to take them off and she was just devastated. I was sympathetic, of course, I wanted her to be able to enjoy long, gorgeous lashes like the rest of us and that's when I remembered the Eyelight Clear! This adhesive is great for not only colour lashing, but also for clients with allergies or sensitive eyes/skin, because the Eyelight does not contain any carbon black (the ingredient that most commonly causes reactions, or clients develop allergies to.) After my clients reaction, I was a little hesitant to re-lash… but was I ever happy that I did! She had no reaction to the Eyelight! No burning in the shower. No puffy eyes. I would even recommend using this as an everyday adhesive. Why risk clients having sensitivities when your go-to adhesive is a specially formulated low risk option?
Other than the carbon black, all of the other ingredients are the same as the CandyLash adhesive. Like the CandyLash, the Eyelight works best in environments that are 45-55% RH.

If we are good to our adhesives, our adhesives are good to us! So go ahead, do some holiday shopping and fill your cart with some Flawless and Eyelight. 


You can connect with me on our new Sugarlash PRO Snapchat at SLPCConcierge, or email me directly at with any questions or concerns you may have. I hope you have a fabulous day, or night, depending on when you are reading this!

Happy Lashing Lash Dolls!



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