The entire world has come to a halt while COVID-19 spread rapidly. Thousands of lash artists are unable to perform the lash service so demanded by their clientele. It has been a challenging time for everyone, including for all of us here at Sugarlash PRO. One of the benefits of being part of a niche industry is that we are all in it together - when lash artists struggle, we struggle at Sugarlash PRO and when you thrive, we thrive! As many of you begin returning to your salons we wanted to take this time to offer our recommendations, while maintaining social distancing.

Comfort & Safety WINS Customers

Everyone is feeling nervous and rightfully so - the beauty industry is going to look different after this. Lash artists and clients will be anxious as we return to a “new normal”, when it comes to beauty appointments. As we watch countries across the globe who have resumed services already, we can be sure of a few things:

1. PPE (personal protective equipment) will become the norm. Whether this is a mask, or a plexiglass cover in front of the client, we WILL be seeing PPE used in all salons and beauty appointments. We are working hard to bring our own range of personal protective equipment to the market, which will be available for pre-order soon. Here is what we recommend in the meantime:

Handwashing prior to greeting your clients, before starting the appointment, and after you have completed their service and checked them out. Wear a medical-grade mask during all interactions with clients. When possible offer contactless forms of payment. Invest in a plastic barrier to be in between you and your client, a mask or stand.

Provide everyone with a non-medical mask intended for one-time use during their appointment. Ensure hand washing is done before and after each service. Offer clients alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

2. Appointments should be quieter. The less you talk, the less possibility of droplet transfer between yourself and your client. Lash naps should be the norm in your salon. After a thorough consultation and connecting with your client through the check-in and welcome process — have them relax and catch some zzz’s. They’ll wake up refreshed, both in how they look with their new lashes — but also with how they feel after an appointment with you.

3. Keep workstations meticulously stocked with spray sanitizer, gel sanitizer, disposable brushes, and workplace covers to ensure each client is treated to individual sanitization practices. Ensure you research, consult, and work with your local governing bodies to meet the health and safety guidelines they have created.
Last but not least, enjoy your appointments! With quarantine and isolation time, the clients knocking down your door are true LIFE-LONG clients who have decided that they do not want to do life without their lash services — and that’s a VERY beautiful thing!

Happy Lashing, SLP SQUAD!

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